We have said in the past that social media plays a vital role in promoting one’s brand and establishing the online reputation of a business or an individual. Today, we take a closer look at one of the social network that often overlooked by businesses and individuals such as self-published authors.

LinkedIn is one of the popular social media platforms. It is a social network of professionals. LinkedIn’s membership is mainly composed of companies and professionals sharing contacts, career opportunities and of course, advertising business, service, and brands. For Facebook users, LinkedIn is easy to navigate as it has the same layout and features as Facebook- Home, Profile, Network, Messages, Invitations, etc.

LinkedIn and Brand

For self-publishing companies like ReadersMagnet, LinkedIn is an important platform to help establish the company’s legitimacy. Because LinkedIn is an international network of businesses and professionals, its main “currency” is credibility and reputation. This is where LinkedIn differs from other social media sites. To put it simply, LinkedIn is a social network for grown-ups and people who really mean business. To build a stable and reputable LinkedIn account is to cement your reputation among other companies.

As mentioned above, LinkedIn provides a vast network of professional and skilled individuals of various industries and interests, including professional writers and authors. For ReadersMagnet, this serves as a great mine for future clients looking for quality publishing and book marketing services. Aside from that, LinkedIn also provides contacts for future business partners- printing, book reviews, multi-media, and other services. Lastly, your contacts in LinkedIn can be a source of backlinks for your website. It goes without saying that these professionals can also help you increase traffic and visits to your website. That is instant brand advertising, at the very least!

LinkedIn for Authors

LinkedIn pretty much works the same for authors, especially for self-published ones. If there is one thing that LinkedIn brings to the table for authors is the capability to level the playing field as far as promoting the professional individual and their respective brands. If I am an author and a self-published one, it will be beneficial for me to have a LinkedIn account. This will allow me to link with the following:

  • Fellow authors
  • Literary agents
  • Publishing consultants
  • Book Marketing experts
  • Self-Publishing companies
  • Book retailers and distributors
  • Bloggers and social media experts
  • Multi-media artists and advertisers

In short, LinkedIn will provide me with all the possible professional help that I need for my publishing and book marketing needs. Along with that, being on LinkedIn helps me expand my reach through my network. This network will hopefully bring me the following:

  • Increase traffic to the official website
  • Increase traffic and social media in other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Email directory
  • Increase for site and content
  • Establish rapport with reputable individuals, organizations, and as well as websites and businesses
  • Publish fresh and optimized content through LinkedIn’s blog that will show up in the profile
  • Join groups and communities with the same niche or interest, among others.

Overall, LinkedIn is a unique and effective social media platform because of its community and nature. As a published author, you are considered a professional writer and it’s only appropriate that you are present in the largest network of professionals online.

ReadersMagnet is present in all main social networking sites, including LinkedIn. As a self-publishing company, Readersmagnet provides social media advertising services in the hopes of further promoting the authors and their brand online. Contact ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing at their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at [email protected] for more details.