JB Clemmens’s The Numbered Cups Mystery is part of the Lieutenant James Mysteries book series.

JB Clemmens is one of the rising crime mystery novels. Since 2013, she has published a number of amazing crime fiction books. Most notable among her works is the Lieutenant James Mysteries. The book series is composed so far of four novels. Although each novel has its own independent story, all of them feature the main protagonist, Lieutenant Eli James of the New York Police Department. Today, we will take a closer look at one of JB Clemmens’s popular works from the Lieutenant James Mysteries, The Numbered Cups Mystery.

The Numbered Cups Mystery by JB Clemmens

The Numbered Cups Mystery is the fourth novel under the Lieutenant James Mysteries. The book was published in 2015, two years after the equally thrilling book Mystery At Pima Point (2013). Once again, James finds himself in a middle of a mysterious death. This time a high-profile murder is the case at hand.

“At least two other people including Lt. James and Bitsy had eaten some of everything on Walt’s plate, and all were fine. That left the drinks in the two numbered cups by Whitlock’s hand.” (excerpt from the book)

While attending a barbeque party hosted by Oliver Townsend in Winburg, Walt Whitlock was found dead. Whitlock was a local celebrity writer and a good friend of Townsend. Townsend, Walt Whitlock’s publisher, had an argument just moments before the writer’s untimely demise. The initial investigation revealed that Wlat Whitlock was poisoned. But by whom? And for what reason? These are just some of the questions that NYPD Lieutenant Eli James must unlock.

James learns of the cups used during the party. The tainted bourbon is not only in Whitlock’s #5 cup but also in several cups marked #7. James soon discovers the possible reason for the multiple #7 cups, but the murderer’s identity still eludes him.

He begins to take a close look at several persons of interest, including the party’s host Oliver Townsend. There’s the elderly neighbor, Lucy Trent, who brought a pint bottle of Starsilk Preferred Bourbon to the picnic. Another interesting figure related to the case is Eileen Forsyth, whose fingerprints are found on Walt’s poisoned cup. Last but certainly not the least is John. He is a known close associate of Walt’s who disappeared after the party.

As he digs deeper, Eli realized that a missing supplementary document from a dead woman’s last will, as well as the series of strange happenings at a local racetrack, may hold the key to the answers he’s been looking for.

Fast-paced and riveting, The Numbered Cups Mystery is sure to thrill fans of mystery/crime novels. Clemmens is in her usual element giving us another unforgettable ride with the ever-reliable Lieutenant Eli James as he sheds light on another mystery murder. The fourth book in the Mysteries is one explosive read.

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About JB Clemmens

JB Clemmens is an author and former high school teacher. After teaching math for many years, Clemmens spent her time writing and reading. In 2013, she finally published her first book, Jigsaw. The book is a fictional adventure about two women forced to walk over 200 miles while being followed by suspicious men after a gas ban shuts down all transportation. Soon after, Clemmens would venture into mystery and crime novels inspired by Agatha Christie, Wolfe, Marsh, Grimes, and Childs. In 2020, she released her latest work, Upon the Moon and Woodstock. JB Clemmens currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and a Great Dane.

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