Revenge is seldom the main part of a romance-drama novel. And yet Attilio Guardo successfully weaves a unique narrative of pain, rage, vengeance, and redemption. ReadersMagnet reviews Attilio Guardo’s The Other Side of Love.

The Other Side of Love by Attilio Guardo

The Other Side of Love is a romantic-drama written by Attilio Guardo. It tells the story of a young man who was consumed by rage after his girlfriend left her. He plots revenge against her ex-girlfriend by enlisting the help of his close friend, Ed. However, the two developed feelings towards each other. What happens is a series of manipulations, betrayals, and tragedies. Attilio Guardo uses linear narrative rich with characters and subplots.

Conrad Arlington Hill’s world is turned upside down when her girlfriend Abigail McCloud broke up with him. This prompted Conrad to seek the help of his friend. Together, they hatched a plan of extracting revenge towards Abigail. However, Conrad changed his plans after Abigail and Ed developed feelings towards each other. He had to force Ed to break up with Abigail, causing the later to be institutionalized. After his revenged on Abigail, Conrad preyed on two more victims. Despite his initial intentions of damaging one of the girls- Erica Hollis, Conrad fell in love with her. Their happiness was short-lived when died in a car accident. This cause Conrad to break down and realized how much he damaged a lot of lives. Conrad strikes a friendship with Erica’s younger sister and decided to change his ways and return to his old, loving self.

The Other Side of Love is a refreshing work of its genre. While most young adult fiction with themes of rage and sex venture on the side of violence and lust, Attilio Guardo was able to create a narrative arc that is palatable and easy to follow. The passionate encounters, while maintaining the details, are told in a manner that is fit for young readers. They do not glorify sex per se but rather show a reality that most can relate to. Guardo’s characters are not that complex, though sophisticated enough to warrant depth and authority. What the book offers its readers is the many facets of love- bigoted, selfish, and intense. Each character in the book represents something that Guardo has been successful in portraying. While we have seen countless narrative arcs that bring us to the same ending, Attilio Guardo’s The Other Side of Love has its own unique template that we haven’t seen in a number of young adult fiction these days.

Overall, ReadersMagnet recommends this book to readers who want something new from the young adult fiction genre. The Other Side of Love is funny, light, bittersweet, and just enough to tap into your senses.

Atillio Guardo is a children’s book author, adult fiction writer, and he also does short stories. He is a graduate of the University of Hartford with a degree in BS General Business Management. In 2004, he published his first novel, A Special Time in Clear Creek.