ReadersMagnet takes a look at Connie S. Arnold’s outstanding medieval children’s book, Patchwork Princess. 

A child enjoys a good old fairy tale book. The stories in most fairy tale books are captivating and relatable which draws children in them. Fairy tales not only tell stories of fantasy but also lots of adventures and lessons that will forever engrave in the minds of children. Connie S. Arnold’s The Patchwork Princess is a children’s book that young readers will certainly love and read again and again. 

Patchwork Princess

The Patchwork Princess is the first book of the medieval trilogy of Connie S. Arnold’s children’s book with the title, The Adventures of Ra-Me The Traveling Troubadour. This first book is followed by two installments, Blaze the Dragon and Mudcat the Pirate. Both books are published consecutively in 2019. This fairy tale book has received the accolade NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners in the Children’s Fairytale category for Winter 2019.  

First published in October 2018, The Patchwork Princess tells the story of Ra-Me. Ra-Me is a freelance minstrel and traveling troubadour. King Lister of Parkingham sends out invitations for brave knights in his kingdom. The king of Parkingham sends out these invites in an attempt to save and rescue his beautiful daughter and eldest of three daughters from Terrance The Terrible’s ten-story tower. This black knight must be defeated and the dragon slain in order to save the king’s daughter, Princess Ina. The person brave enough to set out for this mission will be rewarded greatly by the king. The brave knight will be given Princess Ina’s hand in marriage. In addition to the engagement, the rescuer will be rewarded with one-third of the Parkingham kingdom, three bags of gold, three new suits of armor, three white steeds, and a sword with a ruby-studded hilt. Ra-Me, having traveled a long way, decided to embark and save the princess and be the hero. This singer of songs, however, did not have an interest in marrying the princess but he is in fact interested in the other rewards. He wrote new songs, polished his musical instruments, and presented himself to the king for permission to go on this exciting and adventure-filled journey. 

This adventure-filled medieval story will definitely catch the attention of young readers. This young musician plans to rescue the princess from the black knight without the use of armors and swords like other brave knights but through the songs he wrote and musical instruments. Young children will learn numerous lessons from the book. One of which is bravery. 

Anyone would enjoy reading Ra-Me’s adventures. Two installments of the book are now available for anyone to read. The story of both books still follows the traveling troubadour’s music-filled adventures and quests where he faced a young dragon and pirates. 

If you want to know more about author Connie S. Arnold and her books, you may grab a copy of her book or visit her website now!

About Connie S. Arnold

Connie S. Arnold not only authored the book, The Patchwork Princess but also other children’s books such as Blaze the Dragon and Mudcat the Pirate. The latter books are the second and the third installment of the medieval trilogy, The Adventures of Ra-Me the Traveling Troubadour. Author Connie S. Arnold also authored the historical romance novel, Dangerous Legacy: The Second Son, which was her debut novel for the fiction genre. This novel has received an Editor’s Choice Award. It has also been awarded a 4 out of 4 rating in and 5 stars in Amazon. Arnold resides in Tennessee, USA. She lives on a farm with her husband, a few black cows, a chocolate Lab, a Lhasa Poo, and thousands of fishes living in five ponds.