ReadersMagnet’s publishing arm started three years ago with just a pool of publishing and marketing experts. Today, they are a growing company providing publishing and book marketing services. Let us take a closer look at the ReadersMagnet Publishing Team.

ReadersMagnet was established in 2016. The company started with a group of marketing experts providing book promotion services to self-published authors. By the start of 2017, its publishing arm soon followed. ReadersMagnet declared its commitment to provide publishing and book promotion packages behind its company motto, “we share your stories with the world.”

ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing

ReadersMagnet began offering basic publishing services such as Black and White, Full Color, Children’s Books, Add-Ons, as well as Editorial Services. Within four months since its inception, they were able to publish their first four titles: Leatha Patton’s Bridges, Omid Olfet’s D like DOLL E like EVIL, Deborah Ruth Reaves’ From Weeds to Wisdom, and Carolyn T. Linn’s Heaven is Amazin. ReadersMagnet also turned into publishing their books in digital format, offering eBook services so that authors can cater to their modern readers preferring to read via smartphones, tablets, and eBook readers. Today, the team has over 200 titles published.

On the marketing side, ReadersMagnet has come a long way to providing comprehensive marketing services. Their basic book marketing services includes Press Release Campaign, Print advertising, Marketing Materials, Book Review, Book Signings, Online Brand Publicity, Author Website, Book Trailer, Social Media Advertising, and Blogging Services.

Recognizing the importance of reaching the broadest number of target audiences, ReadersMagnet soon ventured into partnerships with The Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) for their Content Distribution Services. Through CBE, ReadersMagnet is able to participate in various national and international book fairs. Outside CBE, they were also able to participate in prestigious book events in the United States. In fact, this November ReadersMagnet will participate in the Miami International Book Fair for the second straight year. Earlier, ReadersMagnet was among the exhibitors in the 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

ReadersMagnet offers Radio Interview Services Package as well. Authors are given the chance to be interviewed by prominent radio hosts. Last year, they launched the book radio interview with host Ric Bratton of This Week in America. This year, ReadersMagnet hopes to add more prestige to their book interviews by tapping another veteran host in Kate Delaney. Kate Delaney is a veteran radio journalist and a published author as well.

As of today, ReadersMagnet has helped a significant number of authors reach their potential market through these marketing service packages.

A True Publishing Partner

As a self-publishing company, ReadersMagnet is supportive of its authors and aims to include them in every step of the publishing process. Through their Authors Relation Officer (ARO), authors are given professional advice as well as updates about their manuscripts. The team works closely with their authors in order for them to be on the same page and ensure that quality service is provided. ReadersMagnet is proud of their fast and easy process as well as the combined traditional and modern methods in delivering these services. At ReadersMagnet, their team guarantees full creative control as well as value for our authors’ money.