ReadersMagnet Review features The Reptilian Factor, a science fiction thriller by Kerry L. Marzock.

Kerry L. Marzock is a published poet, writer, blogger, and author of several thriller and fantasy novels. Her first two novels, Rave’s Way and Raven’s Rage, are horror fantasy books. Today, we will take a closer look at Kerry L. Marzock’s third novel, which departs from her earlier works. The Reptilian Factor is a science-fiction thriller published in 2014 via Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing.

Kerry L. Marzock’s The Reptilian Factor offers dark, brutal, yet beautifully-balanced narratives we haven’t seen in sci-fi horror novels in a while.

 The Reptilian Factor is a dark sci-fi thriller with influences from the 60s and 70s monsters and alien-predator characters. Kerry’s love and fascination with aliens are evident in her third masterpiece.

The story centers on Police Detective Amelia Stephenson and her quest to unravel the mystery behind the brutal killings of innocent citizens. Amelia relocates to Tucson, Arizona, and teams up with Detective Manual Corroda to solve these grizzly murders. As they dig deeper, their investigation leads them to a disturbing thought- the murderer might not be human.

Determined to get to the bottom of this, Amy pours all her energy and skills into finding the mystery monster. Unknown to Amy, the thing she’s pursuing is onto her. It’s seeking revenge after being held captive for many years, and now it has its eye on the detective. Also, Amy remembers frightening memories from her childhood. It seems Amy herself has her own dark secret that may hold the key to finding and defeating this alien creature once and for all.

The Reptilian Factor contains plot twists that will surprise readers up to the very end. Kerry carefully weaves her narrative and leads her audience to a series of at-the-edge-of-your-seat moments. Still, the ending will prove to be unexpected. Readers will also love the soft blend of humor, romance, investigative arc, and subtle nuances. Although it’s a science-fiction thriller, Kerry Marzock will not bore you with geeky trivia and space opera subplots.

The Reptilian Factor is like reading a standalone episode of X-files meets Stephen King, chilling yet irresistible.

The Reptilian Factor is a fast-paced, action-filled Science Fiction Thriller that readers will find hard to put on hold once you get to the first few chapters. The scary scenes and the mysterious character will interest readers to leaf from one page to the next. Reading the book reminds me of a popular tv series called X-Files. One of the main characters is a female FBI agent (DanaScully), reminding us of Marzock’s main protagonist, Amelia Stephenson. She has a male partner who is also an FBI agent (Fox Mulder). The show centers on investigating paranormal phenomena with an emphasis on extraterrestrial life.

Overall, Kerry L. Marzock’s The Reptilian Factor is a fresh sci-fi thriller that fans will surely embrace. It is has a healthy general plot as far as alien sci-fi narratives are concerned and have many plots and twists, the kind that we haven’t read in recent sci-fi novels. If you are a fan of brutal suspense thrillers, then The Reptilian Factor is the perfect book for you.

You can purchase Kerry L. Marzock’s The Reptilian Factor via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and You can also check out Kerry L. Marzock’s other books, including The Raven’s Way, The Raven’s Rage, and her upcoming book The Scroll of Sorrow, a fantasy novel.

You can also visit her official author’s website to learn more about Kerry Marzock and her amazing works.