ReadersMagnet features another sci-fi novel from Rick Badman, The Russian Madhouse.

Rick Badman’s latest book, The Russian Madhouse, falls under the category of science fiction. This is not his first book. In fact, Badman has written a few sci-fi novels three of which are published and the other half unpublished. Badman’s latest book contains a lot of near-future and otherworldly elements. 

The Russian Madhouse

Rick Badman is back again with another science fiction novel, The Russian Madhouse. This book was published in late 2019. This succeeds Badman’s first sci-fi novel, The Madhouse Projects, which was published in 2002. 

This sci-fi novel follows the story of the main character, Dick Thurman. Thurman is an automotive engineer who later on becomes a director of an underground research and development installation in Siberia called the Facility. The setting of the story takes place sometime in early 2040 where advancement in technology is not uncommon. 

Dick and his wife, Kate are working on advanced technology. With Kate developing a device called a companion brain that aids the learning of children. While Dick worked on the flying limousine of the Russian President, the Russian President visits the Facility where he is shown weapons, enhanced humans, and even Russian Madhouse vodka. Some of the technologies were brought to Maes aboard a spaceplane which was intercepted by a starship. This then leads Dick and Kate on another action-filled and otherworldly adventure. 

The Russian Madhouse by Badman plays with the many possibilities and implications of advanced technology concepts that any avid sci-fi readers would enjoy. High technology has a major role in this book where spaceplanes, teleportation, and flying cars are featured. This book would not be identified as sci-fi without the presence of alien lifeforms. There are unknown ties between Earth and Mars featured in the plot. The book is abundant with sci-fi elements that are mind-blowing. 

This sci-fi novel is not written by an amateur, the author did well in applying logic to the narrative making it believable even though it is not factual. The originality of the storyline was outstanding that it gave off fresh concepts that one cannot find in other books. 

According to the author, this book has connections with an earlier sci-fi novel he has written Tales From Newgate. 

The author also discloses that The Russian Madhouse will be followed by the book with a working title, The Martian Connection. The plotline of this book will take place a few years from this. The gist of the book is all about people traveling from Earth to Mars.

Other Works

Rick Badman has more sci-fi novels that are available online for purchase. He has published three more books with the title, The Madhouse Projects, The Belt, Tales From Newgate. He has two unpublished books The Adventures of Mr. Amazing and The Mission To Worlds Beyond that are also under the science fiction category. 

About Rick Badman

Author Rick Badman was born on March 21, 1956. He was born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana, and is currently residing in the area. Badman was an avid sci-fi enthusiast that he began writing sci-fi stories at a young age. His fascination for science fiction started 55 years ago during a time where what once was considered science fiction was becoming true. In eighth grade, Rick Badman practiced writing long stories through writing sci-fi books. The first sci-fi book he published was in 1999 with the title, The Belt. This book was followed by three more published books and two unpublished books. He has longed for the public to learn and discover his futuristic technology ideas and its potential effects on the world. His Christian upbringing provides him optimism when presenting his narratives. 

Badman being a voracious writer of letters to the editor in his hometown has published over 300 of these since 2013. Badman has interests in broadcast media. He has done short weekly radio features regarding science fiction from 1979 to 1982. He also had a cable TV program that tackles future technology and ideas which ran from 1985 to 2012.