ReadersMagnet Review takes a close look at Carl R. Brush’s historical novel The Second Vendetta.

Carl R. Brush is known for his historical novels set in either Texas or California. His works center on a family saga amidst the backdrop of political upheavals, social unrest, and changes unfolding, adding drama and excitement to his narratives. Brush is also known to write continuing stories. One of them is the Vendetta series which began with The Maxwell Vendetta. Today, ReadersMagnet will feature the second book, The Second Vendetta: Sequel to The Maxwell Vendetta.

The Second Vendetta picks up where the first book, The Maxwell Vendetta, left off.

In 1908, Andy Maxwell set out to solve the mystery surrounding the death of his younger brother outside a San Francisco bar. This led to his discovery of a conspiracy plot against his family. 

Andy’s investigation takes him from California to Wyoming. He learns of his family’s pioneer past and psyche and, along the way, unearths disturbing secrets about, among other matters, his racial heritage. 

Andy suspects that his brother’s killer, Michael Yellow Squirrel, is a member of a clan planning to wipe out the Maxwells and their California Sierra Nevada ranch. Although it seems that Andy’s efforts to foil the conspiracy succeeded, he knows that his family and their heritage are not entirely safe.

Two years later, in 1910, we find Andy in San Francisco and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Andy focuses on rebuilding the Sierra Nevada ranch house, determined to help his family recover from a crippling vendetta attempt. He also deals with the discovery that his father was black. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, Andy is hopeful that he can now resume his college education at the University of California, where he’s taking his doctorate.

But trouble lies ahead as the ghost from two years ago is alive and well. Michael Yellow Squirrel is back and won’t stop until the last of the Maxwells are dead. Andy discovers that the Ph.D. program wants nothing to do with a mixed race like him to make matters worse. With the election coming and all the politics and women involved, Andy is faced with many dilemmas. And this time, he may not have the focus and the energy to face his ultimate nemesis.


Consistent with Carl R. Brush’s brand of storytelling, The Second Vendetta is rich with edge-of-the-seat drama, romance, history, and frontier politics.

The Second Vendetta features the same intense drama and emotions, but it is set on a bigger stage this time. Carl R. Brush takes us to an exciting time in California with all the politics, scheming, powerplay, and events leading to World War I. The Second Vendetta is also filled with mystery, romance, and as usual, surprise twists that only Carl R. Brush can deliver. Fans of his previous works expect the same engaging read but with fresh plots and unforgettable characters.

About Carl R Brush

Carl R. Brush is a short story writer, poet, and author. He grew up in Northern California and began writing at an early age. His works mainly tackle his roots, history, and the people. Carl is a history buff and an eclectic leader. 

Carl R. Brush had written several flash fiction, short stories, novels, and poetry during his younger years. His early writings cover a number of different genres and themes. In his adult years, Carl focused on historical novels with a touch of family drama and romance. Carl R. Brush is the author of four historical novels.

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