The Ladybug and The Bully Frog by Caroleann Rice is a story of a little ladybug named Dot who has a problem dealing with the bully of the pond, Milton the Frog. Anyone who read the book will be familiar with the animal whom Dot went to ask for help for her problems. This creature she approached was none other than Solomon the Snail. Only a few know this, but The Ladybug and The Bully Frog is not the first book Caroleann Rice has written. She has written a book before the ladybug children’s book. Today, ReadersMagnet reviews Caroleann Rice’s debut children’s book, The Song of Solomon.

The Song of Solomon the Snail: A Tale of a Wise Snail

Caroleann Rice’s first picture book was published in 2017. The Song of Solomon The Snail is a joint effort of both Rice and Charles Berton, who served as the illustrator for the story. The pair also partnered once again for Rice’s second children’s book, The Ladybug and The Bully Frog.

The Song of Solomon the Snail is a tale about an amazing snail named Solomon. This snail will take readers with him as he slowly goes along his journey towards an unknown destination. This snail is not just an ordinary snail. No, Solomon is a gifted snail. He can sing songs as he travels. Readers must learn and listen closely to his songs as his songs are not just ordinary ones, his songs are something one must pay mind to. Who would have thought that this snail is not only a singer but also a wise and all-knowing creature? Even Solomon, himself, did not expect this. He was set to be the wisest creature in his area. He was destined to help others with their problems. This clever snail carries around on his back his house. This house is not only his home but also the home of his friend, The Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love. Solomon has counseled many creatures. Hence, his friend does the same for him. The Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love is someone Solomon can ask counsel for the decision he must make.

Rice was inspired to write this children’s book when she was a young girl. She was out on a morning walk with her grandfather when she was told to “Pick a snail” to be her pet. She became attached to the snail who brought her happiness. Rice says that her pet snail was a smart creature and God put it in her to write a story about this wise snail. She wanted the snail to not only be smart, but also a helpful creature towards his friends. The main character of her debut book was named after Solomon from the Bible. Moreover, her inspiration for Solomon’s friend was God.

Through the tale of Solomon, young readers are taught to make wise decisions by thinking things through and to ask for help when needed. Solomon teaches young kids to not make decisions in haste, they must put into consideration somethings before making a decision. At an early age children are taught much wisdom they may need as they grow in life.

About Caroleann Rice

Caroleann Rice is a chaplain, book author, a mother, and a grandmother. She is passionate about music, traveling, cooking, and writing children’s books. She has two grown children, named Kevin and Colleen. She is a proud grandmother of Madison and Paige, Colleen’s twins. Her life was not a smooth journey. She has faced many challenges and pain that she thankfully overcame by having God beside her. At the age of thirty-three, she was left to raise her children after the death of her husband. She focused on spending time with her family and decided to change the course of her life.