ReadersMagnet takes a look at Dr. T. Tyler’s thought-provoking Christian book, The Spiritual Discernment Guide.   

The Spiritual Discernment Guide provides readers a comprehensive exposé of the network of deceptions by Satan and the many false teachings. Readers will surely have mystical experiences in Dr. Tyler’s book that will change a reader’s mind and make him or her lean more towards the one true God. 

The Spiritual Discernment Guide

First published in 2014, Dr. Ronald T. Tyler’s book will bring readers an abundant knowledge of the misuse of semantics and logic; and the techniques used by false teachers to brainwash cult members and mislead these Christians. The contents of The Spiritual Discernment Guide are derived from the author’s knowledge, experience, and research pertaining to the spiritual discernment and the truth and fallacies of spirituality. This book offers an in-depth analysis of false teachings and the seeds of apostasy that is slowly killing the spirit of the Catholic church in the present time. 

There are too many questions that surround Christianity or any religion. Questions that are left unanswered. Many Christian believers are questing to find these answers. And there will be people who will take advantage of this fact. Deceivers, or better called as false teachers, would come and make an attempt to answer these questions and apprehensions. Answers that have many discrepancies and fallacies that will lead Christians to apostasy. Dr. Tyler’s book will disclose how to identify these manipulations and lies to help prevent anyone from being misled towards their death. 

“They are like unsuspecting passengers on the Titanic. They are complacent, self-satisfied, and oblivious to the danger. They are focused on getting blessed and being comfortable.”

This analogy in the book describes the people in a church who are caught or too caught up in the deception. Thus, leading them away from their faith. There is no turning back time and soon it will be too late for people who won’t repent from this spiritual disaster.

Dr. Tyler provides shocking evidence of Jesus Christ’s prediction which is the great falling away of people from faith or better known as apostasy. He expresses in the book that there is still a cure for apostasy. The cure being the one inscribed in the Scriptures, “heeding God’s warnings and practicing spiritual discernment to unmask the deceptions of Satan.”

A useful and valuable book that offers eye-opening explanations and compelling principles for spiritual discernment. A thorough elucidation of the contrasting ideas of creationism and evolution is divulged in the book. It also provides a comparison of theistic evolution and the Bible. The book discloses the skills needed to actually practice spiritual discernment. Understanding of logical fallacies and semantic manipulations of false teachers are discussed in this book as well. It provides a compendious explanation of how New Age practice undermines the Christian faith. Other subject matters discussed in this book include false charismatic and anti-charismatic teachings, secular psychology, eastern religions, humanism, occultism, and Satanism. 

About Dr. Ronald T. Tyler

Author of The Spiritual Discernment Guide, Dr. Ronald T. Tyler, resides in Arizona with his wife, Virginia Tyler. He is a Bible teacher and small group leader in the state. He is also a retired professor in English, a former newspaper reporter and editor, and a New Age cult member. Dr. Tyler was also a member of the Gurdjieff Foundation for ten long years. A movement that was named after the late G.I. Gurdjieff. A cult that came to be due to the ideas and beliefs of the founder. 

Prior to his involvement in cultism, Dr. Ronald T. Tyler was immersed in transcendentalism, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, astrology, and numerology which are movements of various beliefs and ideologies. He also involves himself in the use of the Ouija board and New Age activities. He, at some point, joined the liberal, humanistic church-type Christianity. Later on, he finally came to the Lord during the height of the Catholic and Charismatic movement practice, Charismatic Renewal.