The VIP Christian is a self-help spiritual book by Abraham Ajenifuja.

Our Christian way of life should not be confined within our spiritual and religious endeavors. Today more and more Christians realized that to achieve overall peace and progress, we must put our faith at the center of all everything we do whether it’s work, relationship, personal dreams, and even business or profit. Author Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja , a spiritual, life, and business coach introduces a new approach to achieving success in life. His work, the VIP book series aims to provide guidance and wisdom not only for Christian Business Leaders but to everyone who wants to do better in life. Let us take a closer look at the first book of this series- The VIP Christian. 

The VIP Christian

The VIP Christian is a motivational guide book written by Abraham Ajenifuja. It was published in 2016. In this book, Ajenifuja shares his insights about the Christian faith, the scriptures, and a way of life that touches on the many aspects of Christian living. Abraham Ajenifuja describes God as the Original VIP. He is the Vision, Intent, and Purpose. Furthermore, Ajenifuja adds that the way the Gospel is preached today devalues the “human capital” within and outside the church. He argues that the scriptures should be propagated in the way that God “envisioned, intended, and purposed” to erase the gap. By doing this, the church is presenting a “New Wealth Gospel” for all believers. This so-called New Wealth is not based on money or possession. Its emphasis is on peace, profit, prosperity, and a lasting legacy for the generations to come. This principle of VIP Light is set to guide all social structures- family, education, business, media, politics, culture, government, and religion.

A Practical Guide for Christians

The VIP Christian is not your ordinary self-help book. The book tackles the gospel and how it is presently being preached. However, Ajenifuja also discussed non-traditional topics. He goes on to introduce a new approach to living the Christian way of life, one that touches on the various facets of our lives. He also encourages readers to embrace a new mindset. This mindset is defined as pursuing peace, profit, prosperity, and contributing to the future’s legacy. The topics in his other VIP books are introduced here in this maiden book The VIP Christian. It is the basic guide that he wants readers to embrace. Overall, The VIP Christian is a revolutionary approach to the Christian faith, practice, and lifestyle. It provides many practical lessons and is certainly a must-read for those who want to examine a more objective approach to Christian living.

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About Abraham Ajenifuja

Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja is an author, entrepreneur, coach, and Christian. He was born in Jos, Nigeria, and later immigrated to the United States in 1984. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of the District of Columbia. In 1990, Ajenifuja became a Certified Public Accountant. He is presently a graduate student in counseling at Liberty University. 

Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja is founded Peace Profit LLC, a leadership success company that aims to assist young Christian entrepreneurs by introducing the VIP Peace Profit System through coaching, speaking, and teaching. His books, The VIP series, Abraham hopes to impart his wisdom so that younger generations can help shape a better and fair society.

Abraham Ajenifuja is married and has six beautiful children. Abraham enjoys reading, music, sports, and travel.