The Yellow Rose: A Novel of the Texas Revolution is a historical fiction-romance written by Carl R. Brush and Bob Stewart.

The Texas Revolution of 1836 is one of the most significant armed rebellions that paved the way for establishing the Republic of Texas and eventually becoming one of the United States of America. Although the revolution only lasted less than a year (1935-1936), the conflict produced many heroes and legends and is the subject of many historical fiction novels.

The Yellow Rose: A Novel of the Texas Revolution is part romance novel, part historical fiction written by Bob Stewart and Carl R. Brush. The novel centers on two leading figures of the Texas Revolution- Sam Houston and Emily West. Although both characters are based on actual persons, the story surrounding them is fiction. In this retelling of the battles and events that supposedly took place between 1936 and 1937 and the subsequent events leading to Texas becoming a part of the United States, these two main characters met and fell in love. Stewart and Brush paint Sam Houston as the ultimate hero of the rebellion and Emily West as a strong, independent, and intelligent woman. Their love story is beautiful, sad, complicated, and arduous given the times and realities of war. Their romance story is beautifully interwoven with the backdrop of the Texas Revolution, which changed many lives. The Yellow Rose, while fiction, contains rich elements of historical accuracies and provides wonderful lessons and discoveries.

Historically, the term “yellow rose” referred to an attractive mulatto woman. Also historically, the original “Yellow Rose of Texas” was for sure one Emily West, and her story is intertwined in song and legend with the Texas Revolution of 1836. That series of battles, led by Sam Houston, made Texas a Republic, its own country until it joined the union in 1845. The Yellow Rose is set during the revolution and supposes that Emily and Sam not only collaborated in certain incidents that gave the Texans victory, but became romantically involved in the process. 

 The novel mixes legend with fact. No one knows for sure, despite the many tales about her that arose from her presence in Texas at the time, if our Emily ever met Sam Houston or if she participated in the revolution at all. On the other hand, no one has proved the contrary. So, The Yellow Rose asks the question: What if… (excerpt from book description)

The Yellow Rose by Carl R. Brush and Bob Stewart is a masterful historical fiction that is well-researched and wonderfully written. The blending of historical figures and their fictional love story is superb. Most importantly, The Yellow Rose takes readers to one of the most exciting and remarkable chapters in the history of a nation in the making. It is a must-read novel not only for those who adore romance stories but also for history lovers.

About the Authors

Bob Stewart was a freelance journalist and professional writer. He is known for his countless interviews of famous and infamous personalities, from presidents and movie stars to serial killers. He is the author of several fiction and non-fiction books, including Man to Man, When The Woman You Love Has Breast Cancer, and Alias Thomas A. Katt. The Yellow Rose was his last novel as he died shortly after its first publication.

Carl R. Brush

Carl R. Brush is a veteran writer and author of California-based historical thrillers–The Maxwell Vendetta, and The Second Vendetta (sequel); Bonita, and You Can’t Keep Her (sequel). The late Bob Stewart invited Carl to go to Texas and co-author the book The Yellow Rose, Bob’s last novel. Carl lives in Oakland, California, with his wife. He enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.