How does one recover from a tragic loss? How does one learn to accept death and move on? Doreen Hatton’s Then Sings My Soul paints a vivid picture of acceptance and forgiveness.

Then Sings My Soul is a book written by Christian writer Doreen Hatton. Published in 2018, the novel tells the story of a family’s journey towards acceptance and healing. It is a unique story about two young people dealing with loss, guilt, and grief from a tragedy. Then sings my soul reminds readers of the value of forgiveness.

A Father’s Death

The story begins with the death of a father. Samuel Langston, a husband and a father of two, was struck by a car and killed by one night. He was crossing the street to his home where Lily and his daughters were waiting for him. The family learned that the car was driven by a fifteen-year-old boy named Aaron. Aaron only has a learner’s permit which does not allow him to drive without an accompanying adult licensed driver. Because of the accident and the loss of life, Aaron is incarcerated at a juvenile facility.

The Langston family are devout Christians and believe in the importance of forgiveness. Samuel’s wife eventually asks and convinces the court to give young Aaron a chance to turn his life around through probation and community service.

A Daughter’s Grief

While Lily and her family are trying to accept the reality that Samuel’s death was an accident, one person is not prepared to move on. Rose, Samuel and Lily’s daughter, is having a hard time facing the fact that the person responsible for his father’s death is not behind bars. For Rose, there is no forgiveness for Aaron. Her grief runs deep and believes that the young boy must go to jail for the death of her father.

Lily tries to bring some normalcy in their lives by being active in their church and community activities. Lily and her daughters are talented musicians and they often perform in church gatherings. While Lily does what she can to heal the family, Rose continues to be resentful towards the boy Aaron for killing her father.

The Journey to Forgiveness

Lily and her daughters soon discovered that Aaron sings and plays guitar. At first, it wasn’t easy seeing Aaron. Rose is still reminded of her father’s death. However, as days go by, the Langston family begins to discover things about the young boy. Their love for music allowed time together and the girls slowly begin to know Aaron. Together they learn that forgiveness is the only thing they need to truly heal. The power of faith and music allowed Rose to finally forgive Aaron. She to face life with joy and acceptance.

While themes of tragedy and forgiveness are common, Doreen Hatton’s Then Sings My Soul deals with young people. In most stories, the adult characters are the ones dealing with bitterness, anger, and despair. In Doreen Hatton’s book, we see how young people deal with loss and how they cope up. Then Sings My Soul, shows how young people heal, forgive, and renew their faith in life. It is a must-read novel for both young and mature. 

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About the Author

Doreen L. Hatton was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She comes from a large family and is naturally shy and introverted. She published the book Then Sings My Soul in March 2018. She currently resides in St. George, Utah.