ReadersMagnet Review takes a close look at Carolyn Nooks-Teague’s Three Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from the Womb to the School.

Parent guidebooks and educational modules are powerful tools in helping parents and teachers raise and guide young minds towards a more successful future. Today, ReadersMagnet will take a look at a brilliant guidebook written by Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague.

Three Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from the Womb to the School by Carolyn Nooks-Teague

“For the first two dimensions of learning, the womb and the home, parents are in charge. The author encourages parents to develop resiliency in their children to help prepare them for life outside of the home. Do you know how to develop resiliency in your child? Have you taught him or her how to deal with bullying? Parents are reminded of developmental milestones and how to use them. Home tests and activities are provided to help parents support normal development as well as recognize the symptoms of possible developmental delays or conditions.”

Three Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from the Womb to the School is a 2017 educational and parenting guidebook by Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague. The book has 188 pages and covers various topics related to child development and education. In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague provides a comprehensive study. She offers different approaches to helping parents in raising their child, from their time in the womb up until they begin their formal school education. According to the book, it is essential to address a child’s physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being in each stage of child development. Readers will have access to a guide they can use to monitor not only a child’s comprehensive development but also his or her emotional quotient, hidden talents, interests, and potential abilities. Identifying them, parents, and later on teachers can help nurture these potential abilities or interests for the child’s success in the future.

Three Dimensions of Learning by Carolyn Nooks-Teague highlights the crucial role of teachers in shaping young minds and preparing the children for the bigger world ahead of them. The book encourages teachers to connect to each child at an emotional level and not just superficial teaching. Their position as mentors is crucial in seeking and identifying each child’s interests, talents, and passions. The book also recognizes the importance of increasing the teacher’s awareness of hidden disabilities and recognizing their symptoms.

Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague shares science-backed teaching strategies that demonstrate how the brain learns and how this awareness can change a child’s life. Teaching parents and teachers these strategies and processes can work together more effectively in ensuring each child’s bright future.

Three Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from the Womb to the School by Carolyn Nooks-Teague is not just a parental guidebook but a masterpiece that contains revolutionary ideas for raising and guiding children to a more empowered and fulfilling life. It is a must-read book for parents and teachers alike.

About the Author

Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague is a retired teacher and author from Cincinnati, Ohio. She went t Xavier University and has a B.S. French and M.E. Elementary Education. Her educational and academic background includes an Ed.D Education, Education Field of Study, Educational Leadership, and Administration/ Brain-Compatible Curriculum from the University of Cincinnati. For three decades, Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague taught in elementary public and private schools of Cincinnati and Chicago. She also served as a preschool director and college adjunct professor. Dr. Carolyn Nooks-Teague currently spends her time and energy practicing sensory-integrated vision therapy and helping parents identify their child’s future potential and how to empower them. When not busy with commitments, the good author also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and dancing.