One of the most effective Beginning Reader books are the ones that tell of adventures and characters that young children can identify with and remember. ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look a Connie S. Arnold’s adventure trilogy, The Adventures of Ra-Me the Traveling Troubadour.

Children’s books are the first reading materials that children encounter. Picture and alphabet books, as well as chapter books, help kids appreciate reading. But among these children’s books, it’s the beginner books that formally introduce our children to the world of literature. This is where adventure books play a crucial role in developing interest among young readers. These beginner books should be light reads and easy to comprehend. Connie S. Arnold is a children’s book author who has successfully written three adventure books that are not only rich in narrative, but easy to read as well- The Adventures of Ra-Me the Traveling Troubadour.

Adventures of Ra-Me the Traveling Troubadour Trilogy

The Patchwork Princess

The Adventures of Ra-me begins with The Patchwork Princess. In this book, we meet Ra-Me. Ra-Me is a young musician who volunteers to rescue the king’s daughter. The king has called out all the brave men in his kingdom to rescue the princess from Terrance the Terrible. The black knight Terrance has a ten-story tower being guarded by a dragon. The king promised one-third of the kingdom, three bags of gold, three suits of armor, three white horses, a sword, and his daughter’s hand in marriage. Ra-Me is willing to risk his life to get all that was promises except for the princess’s hand. He plans to defeat the dragon and rescue the princess from the black knight using his songs and musical instruments.

Blaze the Dragon

Blaze the Dragon, the Adventures of Ra-Me the Traveling Troubadour follows our unlikely hero into a dragon village. Ra-me has been invited to sing and play for the coming-of-age party of Blaze the Dragon. Blaze is a twelve-year-old dragon and each dragon undergoes some kind of rite of passage. Trouble starts for Ra-Me when Blaze lost his ability to breathe fire. The village starts to panic as each dragon take turns in making Blaze breathe fire, and to no avail. Finally, Ra-Me is forced by the dragon leader to sing a song that will return Blaze’s ability to breathe fire. Under pressure from Inferno, the chief of the dragons, he must be able to compose a song with magical powers and help restore Blaze’s fire breath.

Mudcat the Pirate

Connie S. Arnold’s third installment of Adventures of Ra-me the Traveling Troubadour finds the young hero attending a christening celebration of Fair Haven Village’s newest ship. Ra-me was invited to play for the festival parade in exchange for a bag of gold and the chance to see live mermaids. When the mermaid Merrylin failed to break the bottle of sparkling water during the christening ceremony, the sea god Neptune brought in a storm. Only when the bottle broke and half its contents shared with Neptune, the curse lifted. Unknown to the village, the evil pirate Mudcat slipped during the storm and kidnapped the festival princess, Miss Lulu Belle. Now Ra-Me must join forces with Captain Jack Skip to rescue Miss Lulu. Mudcat the Pirate is aboard his ship The Pirate’s Revenge. Ra-Me and the good captain pursues Mudcat with the newly christened Good Ship Lightning Bolt. Using his music and magic, Ra-me is on for an ultimate adventure with an unexpected twist.

Other Works and Awards

Aside from The Adventures of Ra-Me the Traveling Troubadour trilogy, Connie S. Arnold also wrote and published Dangerous Legacy, the Second Son. It is a historical romance novel set in Poland. The book received the Editor’s Choice Award. It was awarded a 4 out of 4 rating from the

The Patchwork Princess received a NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners in the Children’s Fairytale category for Winter 2019.

Mudcat the Pirate also received the same award for Children’s Fairytale Category.

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