Human trafficking is not just a human rights issue, it is a grave assault on social justice that every human being should be concerned about. Twist of Fate is a thriller that deals with human trafficking.

In recent years, not too many books on human trafficking are published. Most literatures that covers the issue of human trafficking are scholarly materials and non-fiction books. As for fiction materials, human trafficking mostly serves as a backdrop for these narratives and seldom the focus of the story. Anita Fisk’s Twist of Fate is a unique novel because its central theme revolves around the issue of human trafficking. Today, ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at Anita Fisk’s 2017 thriller Twist of Fate.

Running from the Past

Twist of Fate is the second book by Anita Fisk. The first book, Unintended Sacrifices, follows the story of the Morgan family. The family found themselves trapped by a group of men involved in kidnappings and human trafficking. In this book, the character of Sunny Gardner is introduced. She was kidnapped along with her foster family.

Twist of Fate is the sequel to Unintended Sacrifices. This time, the book follows the character of Sunny Gardner and her journey to freedom. After being abducted and sold to a human trafficking ring for the last three years, Sunny finally sees an opportunity to escape. Her confinement and forced addiction have made Sunny weak but not hopeless. Finally, Sunny manages to escape her kidnappers and begins her run.

Sunny’s Twist of Fate

Twist of Faith focuses on Sunny struggle to finally break free from her abductors and head home. Sunny takes us to Las Vegas as she struggles to evade her growing network of pursuers. As the story progresses, we learn how kidnapping syndicates work, the scope of their operation, and how far these people will go just to protect their interests. But more importantly, we also discover Sunny’s resolve. Anita Fisk successfully created a female character whose determination is very inspiring. Despite her condition, Sunny keeps her abductors at bay.

 As danger continues to threaten her journey towards freedom, Sunny meets unusual guardian angels who are willing to help her. However, her heart is filled with distrust and suspicion that she struggles to accept their display of kindness. Will Sunny find her way back home? Will it remain a wishful dream? Or will it turn into a hopeless reality? Find out what happens through the pages of Fisk’s suspenseful tale.

As Sunny continues to flee from her abductors, he encounters several individuals who aid her in her run for freedom. However, what she and her family have been through, Sunny has a hard time trusting people. At times, Sunny Gardner is even suspicious of the kindness afforded to her. However, she hardly has any choice but to continue to engage these people as long as they can provide her temporal safety. To Sunny’s mind, every decision matters. Every move must be for the ultimate goal- to finally reach home and safety.

Just like Anita’s first book Unintended Sacrifices, Twist of Fate deals with the trauma of abduction and human trafficking. Twist of Fate provides more suspense as the book focuses on the main character, Sunny Gardner as she tries to outrun and outwit her abductors.

Filled with suspense and fast-paced storytelling, Twist of Fate is a great read from start to finish. Although we highly recommend that readers also read the first boo, Unintended Sacrifices to further appreciate the thriller that Fisk’s second book has to offer.

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About the Author

Anita Fisk is currently a retired educator living in rural Nevada. For over 40 years, she has taught language arts classes for middle school through college from rural Nevada to inner-city Las Vegas, as well as serving as a public school administrator and writing consultant. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Nevada Teacher of the Year, Christa McAuliffe Award, and the Milken Family Foundation Educator Award. She is also the author of “Shadows of Secrets,” “Unintended Sacrifices,” and “Twist of Fate.”