ReadersMagnet Review takes a closer look at Myra Weiner’s inspiring book about seeking happiness. 

All of us have to deal with life’s hurdles and challenges. In an ideal world, we battle these adversities with our family at our side. However, this is not always the case. For some, their struggles begin at home and with relationships they had to endure. Sometimes, the only way to survive is to sever these toxic relationships. Today, we are featuring a memoir of a woman scientist Dr. Myra Weiner.

Published in 2019, Myra Weiner’s memoir details her journey of overcoming life’s trials and eventually finding meaning in life.

Uprooting the Poison Tree tells Weiner’s story growing up as a child interested in science, later seeking entrance to graduate school. She entered college at a time when only a few women were accepted and able to build successful careers as toxicologists in the industry.  

In the book, Weiner uses various poisons as metaphors for her “toxic” experiences throughout her journey in life. One of the poisons featured is the highly poisonous Manchineel tree that grows in Central America. It is a metaphor for “toxic” elements in Weiner’s family tree.  

The good author shared, how as an adult, she had healed herself from toxic family experiences. 

Her choice was to uproot the poison tree in her life and psyche. Thus the title of her memoir, Uprooting the Poison Tree. Each chapter of the book begins with a heading of either a poison, antidote, or both. Within each chapter, the metaphor of the poison is used specifically for a given “toxic” event or experience. The antidote for the event is given from Weiner’s personal insights. 

Weiner’s “toxic” experiences include having a mentally ill sister, a father who was both a mentor and abuser and a judgmental mother. Weiner found emotional “antidotes” to overcome each obstacle. Weiner’s list of antidotes includes Chanting, Courage, Exploration, Forgiveness, Honesty, Humor, Inspiring souvenirs, Knowing your priorities, Nature, Prayer, Spirituality, and Writing Poetry, to name a few.

Author Myra Weiner’s career as a corporate toxicologist is proof of her will to rise above toxic relations and build a better future for herself.

The 398-page book tells about Weiner’s passion for nature and science and how they form an integral part of her life, especially during the times when she’s confronting hurdles and trials. Weiner also shares her Jewish ancestry and how it helped shape her spiritual connections nature. Uprooting the Poison Tree is not only a memoir but also a spiritual and inspirational narrative.

Weiner is a woman who persevered in seeking a doctorate in pharmacology. Despite choosing a male-dominated field, Weiner showed everyone that a woman’s place is not exclusive to being a mother or a wife or a homemaker. Weiner’s path leads to a successful career as a corporate toxicologist for a large chemical company. 

Uprooting the Poison Root is for readers who want to be inspired to change their current situation and outlook in life. Weiner’s memoir will interest those seeking a meaningful spiritual relationship with God.

About the Author

Myra L. Weiner, Ph.D., was born in Brooklyn, New York. Weiner spent her childhood in many different places, including Princeton, NJ, Washington, DC, Akron, Ohio, State College, PA, and Massapequa Park, NY. After graduating high school, she went to Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, from 1962 to 1966, where she finished B.A. Biology, Chemistry. From 1966 to 1971, Weiner attended the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, to obtain her Ph.D. 

Myra Weiner is blessed with three children and two grandchildren. She spends her time writing, travel, quilting, photography, reading, Jewish study, enjoying the outdoors.

You can purchase Myra Weiner’s book, Uprooting the Poison Tree, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also visit her website for orders and more details about her work.