ReadersMagnet Review takes a close look at Virgill Revish’s self-help guidebook and program VISION: Going To The Next Level.

Life is a series of never-ending goals, choices, actions, consequences, and more choices. It is in our nature to pursue comfort, pleasure, and success. And the pursuit of these basic and not-so-basic goals all depends on the choices we make. How we envision our future depends on the path, environment, and opportunities that we seek. Today, ReadersMagnet features a book that has helped steer parents and students in the right direction regarding career choices and seeking opportunities. Vision: Going to the Next Level is a guidebook and a program by Virgil Revish designed for people who want to follow a path towards ideal goals, better work action, and of course, success.

“In all phases and stages of life, there are many options, opportunities, and paths that one can take. Usually, however, there is a process that may have many roads that will lead an individual to success.”

Vision: Going to the Next Level is a 2014 manual and program that features guides on identifying and defining some of the “roads, opportunities and options” that can best help students and readers achieve success. By helping the reader/student hone their vision, they can create, improve and execute the academic plan and necessary steps that take that vision into a reality. The book can greatly serve senior high school students who have doubts or don’t know what to prepare for college life. Virgil Revish’s fantastic book is for every student who wants to build a better education path and a successful career choice regardless of their background.

This comprehensive guidebook for parents, guardians, counselors, and even teacher advisors will equip you with the right tools in steering your children and students into the correct path to success. Virgil Revish offers a wealth of wisdom in this book that covers many aspects in goal setting, mapping out options and opportunities, and motivational insights and how-to’s in executing plans. It is a combination of manual, parenting tool, and inspirational read. It also contains charts, samples, and loads of helpful information for high school students and graduates pursuing college scholarships and brighter education opportunities.

Virgil Revish speaks with authority on finding opportunities and grooming success owing to his rich experience as an educator, community volunteer, and motivational speaker.

Virgil Revish’s passion and dedication to education and working with young people are admirable. It reflects in his hope to steer young minds in the proper direction to gain better opportunities and do great in life. As a teacher, he taught junior high before joining the U.S. Army. After his service, he went back to teaching before working in a water waste treatment facility. Despite career shifts, he never stopped working with students and young people. 

Revish started a volunteer program called School Watch. It is a program that monitors the hallways, cafeteria, helps in the classrooms and works at school activities, and has more than 100 volunteers serving in 1993. He also worked in an after-school program called Achievers Plus at the Children’s Home of Virginia Baptist, working with students, community volunteers, and leaders. As an associate producer of the “Pull Your Pants Up” project and video, Revish inspires and encourages young people to be responsible and accountable and, at the same time, rise above society’s expectations and standards for the youth. That is why the book Vision: Going to the Next Level is founded on research, studies, and inspiration from actual fieldwork and experiences, making it a formidable tool for finding success.

You can purchase a copy of Virgil Revish’s Vision: Going to the Next level via Amazon and Barnes&Noble. For more updates and information, you can also visit his official author’s website today.