ReadersMagnet Review features Vonne Solis’ books for bereaved parents.

No parents should ever bury their children, let alone lose them in a tragic death. The pain is always life-changing for parents who lost a child to suicide, and grieving is a long and complicated process. Eventually, bereaved parents choose acceptance and begin their journey to recovery and healing. Today, we will feature books written by someone who lost her daughter to suicide at age 22 and survived the painful chapter of her life. Vonne Solis is a bereaved mother, life coach, and author of three inspiring books. Solis’ books for bereaved parents will help us see the pain, struggle, strength, and resilience of a mother who chose to heal after her daughter’s tragic death.

In Lessons in Surviving Suicide, Vonne Solis shares her insights and experiences in the hopes of helping bereaved parents navigate early grief and be aware of the different issues that may arise while grieving.

When Vonne Solis lost her daughter in 2005, she was desperately looking for another bereaved parent to answer all her questions. She looked for another parent to comfort her and tell her what to expect from her grief. Fifteen years later, Vonne became that parent she was looking for. Now, she is stronger, wiser, more composed, and the years have indeed taught her many lessons about grief. The memoir Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to My Daughter (2021) is not only a collection of letters to her daughter expressed in each chapter. It is also Solis’ way of helping bereaved parents deal with their loss, especially those who lost their children to suicide.

In this book, Solis recognizes that while losing a child is extremely painful to any parent, losing a child to suicide can present its own unique pain and complexities. She hopes that she can answer some questions and perhaps guide parents as they navigate through this unique situation.

Time is bittersweet. The more it passes, the more it can challenge bereaved parents to accept the finality of their child’s death. It can also trap us in only surviving the trauma and pain we experience after losing our child, rather than being able to embrace truly living. But time also gives us the increasing courage and ability to reflect on our loss and pain, which is necessary to heal.”

Lessons in Surviving Suicide is a must-read book for bereaved parents as it is written by someone who has experienced the loss, grief, and trauma of losing a child. Vonne Solis writes with empathy and wisdom that greatly helps grieving parents understand their loss and draw inspiration from someone who chose to heal and live life while honoring her late daughter’s memory.

Vonne Solis’ books are for parents grieving for their lost child and anyone who lost a loved one to suicide and tragic death.

Solis’s books for bereaved parents also include Divine Healing- Transforming Pain Into Personal Power (2011) and The Power of Change: A Path to Enlightenment (2013). These earlier works by Vonne Solis provide details about her grief and journey towards healing and transformation.

Divine Healing Transforming Pain into Personal Power: A guide to heal pain from child loss, suicide, and other grief provides a guide on how to awaken your potential power and use it to understand your loss and eventually heal and live a more productive and fulfilled life. It is for bereaved parents who want to embark on a spiritual journey towards finding peace and joy after a tragic loss.

The Power of Change: A Path to Enlightenment is a general guidebook that will provide readers with the tools for changing their mindset. We all want to change for the better, and Vonne Solis’s The Power of Change will remind you of the power that you possess to believe in your capabilities, set realistic goals, and manage your successes on your own pace and terms. 

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