Happiness is something we all pursue. The trick lies in identifying what makes you happy and setting the goal towards it.

We are now entering the second half of the year and there seems to be no sign of the coronavirus ever going away for good. Although there have been remarkable improvements in some parts of the globe in their fight against COVID as well as in slowly returning things to normal, the majority of the world is still anxious and in despair. For most of us, our immediate goal is survival. However, it is not to say that we should abandon other goals, lofty or not. We still need to laugh, to learn, to interact, to engage, to seek new improvements, new normal, and of course, to seek what makes us happy even during these dark and disturbing times. 

Embracing Positive Psychology

A quintessential attitude that we must adopt during this time of crisis is a positive mindset. Without out it, we may easily fall victim to depression, anxiety, paranoia, anger, and even sickness. Stress is proven to reduced our body’s defenses. According to https://www.acponline.org/

“In times of great stress and uncertainty, drawing from the principles of positive psychology and coaching can be incredibly grounding.”

Their list of positive things to do include:

  • Deep Breaths. 

Deep breathing helps calm your nervous system and lessens stress.

Happiness Boosters. A favorite song, a joke, a quick bite, or just anything to boost your energy.

  • Offer gratitude to a colleague. 

Dispensing positive feedback is known to boost happiness.

  • 3 Good Things. 

Take personal notes of 3 good things rather than perfunctorily scrolling your newsfeed.

  • Share a good story. 

Good stuff shared is good stuff multiplied, share a positive vibe today.

  • Reach out and talk to someone. 

Interaction is important in these difficult times and it’s easy using online platforms. 

  • Laugh.

No matter what, never deprive yourself of a good laugh from time to time.

  • “What would my positive role model do?”

Never hesitate to self-check and refer to your good senses whenever you are in doubt.

  • Put one foot in front of the other.

Do not dwell on the daydreams and what-ifs, just do it and keep on moving. 

  • Have courage.

It is alright to have second thoughts, to be afraid. But it is better to overcome fear, always.

Personal Renaissance Experience

Aside from maintaining a positive outlook, it is also important that we continue to seek to improve ourselves and our goals. According to Peter Justus, author of the book The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience, contentment and happiness can be achieved if we continually examine our daily activities, and work to improve for the better. Aside from his book, there are articles on ways to achieve happiness in Peter Justus blogs. Dr. Peter Justus wants his readers to understand is that we must all reflect on our life’s meaning and purpose. Even during these times when most of us are confined in our homes, we must never stop pursuing what really makes happy and content in life. Knowing our life’s higher purpose will clear the cobwebs in our minds and will eventually guide us in our day to day activities. By achieving this state of mind, we can enjoy and appreciate each moment and appreciate in our lives. That in itself is achieving happiness.

Things to Do to Boost Yourself

Pursuing your goals also takes preparation. One must need to condition not only the body but also then mind and spirit.

Keep Your Body in Good Shape. A healthy body is always needed to execute whatever you plan in life. If you are physically fit and mentally sound, then there is nothing you cannot possibly achieve. Stable health is essential especial in this time of health crisis.

Maintain Healthy Food Intake. Another important factor in keeping your overall well-being is healthy food intake. What you put in your body largely determines the kind of health and nutrition you are going to enjoy. Keeping your diet healthy and strong is a tool for achieving happiness and other goals.

Make sure to Meditate Daily. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts and energy. Meditation is a great way to realign your body, mind, and spirit and to place your positive energy where they are needed.

Try to Discover New Processes. As Peter Justus reminded us, a daily re-examination of our activities can help us discover new and better ways of doing things. Don’t be content with the usual process. You never know what you might discover today.

Start Your Own Personal Journal. Record your personal journey and who knows these notes might prove in handy in the years to come. You can look back and appreciate how much you’ve grown and the many things you have achieved.

To find more about Peter Justus and his ideas on achieving happiness, grab a copy of his book or visit his website today.