Weapons of War is a story of dedication, love, and faith told through letters.

Memoirs have a special place in our hearts and on our shelves. They are stories that happened to real people and they carry a different weight, so to speak. However, memoirs written by soldiers and veterans are extra special. Like most memoirs, they speak of remarkable journeys, about struggles and sacrifices, of joys, and many other emotions. But also, soldier memoirs, especially those that are written in times of war, are full of passion, fear, hopes, and certain realities that perhaps on those who have experienced war are able to understand. These types of memoirs allow us a peek into their world, and into their hearts. Today let us take a closer look a one soldier’s memoir written during the course of the Vietnam War, Robert E. Wright’s Weapons of War.

“Weapons of War has given me the opportunity to tell my Vietnam story and how it affected me, my fiancée, and my family. This is to give my family a written record of my service to my country and to thank the United States Army for its role in shaping my character and developing me into a responsible leader—ready and equipped to take on any challenge or mission.” 

Weapons of War by Robert E. Wright

In Weapons of War, author Robert E. Wright retells us his story through a compilation of letters written during the late stages of the Vietnam War. Robert served two years as a Combat Infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division. Although the book is a war memoir, Wright’s Weapons of War is also a love story. The term ‘weapons of war’ is not exclusive to his M-14 rifle. To fight off loneliness and despair, Robert E. Wright turns to his pen as his weapon. Writing helped him to combat the separation he felt and to seek comfort from God and his loved one during those risky and challenging times. 

Weapons of war feature the letters Robert wrote to his fiancée Barbara Hampton during his tour of duty in Vietnam. Robert shares his experiences including dangerous search-and-destroy missions, turning a Viet Cong defector into a Kit Carson Scout, and clearing remote landing zones. The years of service earned him the two Air Medal Awards, and the Army Commendation Medal. The book, however, centers on Robert’s love and affection towards the love of his life, Barbara. Robert was only a teenager when he was drafted in the army. The anxiety and separation prompted Robert to write to Barbara. The letters are filled with devotion, longing, and the same sincere promise- that Barbara was his one-and-only love.

Aside from sharing his life to readers, Robert also takes readers to the realities of war, the details we often missed, and the emotions we often dismissed. Overall, Robert E. Wright’s Weapons of War is a heart-warming journey and a compelling read, one that certainly worth reading.

About Robert E. Wright

Robert E. Wright was born on November 11, 1949 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He spent his childhood in Lockefield Gardens, an inner-city housing project, two miles west of downtown Indianapolis. Wright went to Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis, Indiana where he graduated in 1968. He then went to Indiana Christian University where he received a Diploma in Old and New Testament Studies in May of 1983. He served two years in the United States Army, including a 1969-70 tour of duty in Vietnam. Robert married the love of his life Barbara Hampton in 1972. He worked as a residential installer for Indian Bell Telephone Company. He worked for the company for 26 years and retires as Project Manager in Network Operations in October of 1994. After his retirement, Wright began a new career with the Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Under the guidance of Senior Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. served as Chief Administrator. Wright spent 21 years in full-time ministry and finally retired on December 31, 2015. He still serves as a member of the Finance Team, the Church Council, and a Chairman of the Deacon Board.