ReadersMagnet Review features “Who’s Knocking at My Door?”, a children’s book by Terrie Stadler.

Actual experiences can turn into an extraordinary narrative, whether unique or familiar. Collective experiences remind us of values, morals, or truths we tend to forget. Personal experience also highlights our character and humanity. In any case, actual events or made-up fantasies are great recipes for children’s books. Today, we will feature a book based on an actual event that happened on an ordinary day and how that event impacted the life of the book’s author, Terrie Stadler.

“Who’s Knocking at My Door?” A County Pond Tale is a perfect example of how an unforgettable experience can be immortalized in a book.

Originally published in 2013, Terri Stadler’s debut work is based on a true story that took place in their home. One day while Terrie was sitting in her kitchen, she and her daughter heard a loud noise coming from their living room. At first, the duo ignored the sound, but the loud banging went on. Upon checking, both of them were surprised to see who had made the sound. Just outside their doorstep was a cute softshell turtle staring at them. The turtle seemed to be looking for food and wanted to come inside the house. This wonderful experience inspired mother and daughter to make a story out of it and eventually feature it in a children’s illustrated book.

“Who’s Knocking at My Door? A Country Pond Tale” features illustrations done by Terrie Stadler’s daughter. It highlights the bond the pond animal and their household have created since their initial meeting. The story is set in the tropical climate of South Florida and showcases the importance of establishing a healthy relationship with animals and nature. It’s a compelling reminder to us all that animals also have feelings. More importantly, “Who’s Knocking at My Door?” tells us that the fate of animals is somehow connected to ours. To survive and prosper in the future, we must also take care of the animals and their habitats. The delicate balance of which we are a part involves the preservation of nature’s ecosystem.

Terrie Stadler’s debut book is a modern children’s illustrated book that instills timeless lessons like kindness, generosity, and respect for all living creatures.

Like all children’s books, “Who’s Knocking at My Door?” is filled with many lessons and heartwarming moments. The actual experience of Terri and her daughter might be unique, yet families can relate to. What makes the book entertaining and educational is its simplicity. For animal lovers and pet owners, this is a book you would want to buy and read to your children and fellow animal lovers. The book only has 26 pages, yet its content is quite compelling. Colorful illustrations certainly added life to this simple yet heartwarming narrative.

What makes the book a breath of fresh air is that Terrie’s narrative is based not only on actual events but also on the author’s first-hand experience, making it a sort of a memoir. The emotions are real, and the author takes the readers on a journey like no other. “Who’s Knocking at My Door?” A County Pond Tale is an excellent addition to any children’s book collection. The book is highly recommended to readers three years old and above.

Terrie Stadler is a retired electrical drafter. When not busy writing, she spends time researching various treatments and therapies to help patients with terminal conditions.

You can purchase Terrie Stadler’s “Who’s Knocking at My Door? A County Pond Tale at Amazon. You can also visit the author’s official website