William and Tibby Forever is Lynda Hamblen’s debut novel about a cat’s in the afterlife.

Throughout the years there have been many books using an animal’s point of view. A Dog’s Purpose by Bruce Cameron, the classic Animal Farm by George Orwell, The Secret of the Wolves by Dorothy Hearst, and White Fang by Jack London are just some of the unforgettable novels that tell great narratives from the animal’s perspective. Most of these books talk about the bond between man and animals and how they view concepts such as courage, loyalty, family, friendship, and love. Indeed, novels from an animal’s POV are not only entertaining but they are also full of lessons and reflections. ReadersMagnet takes a closer look at Lynda Hamblen’s William and Tibby Forever.

William and Tibby Forever

William and Tibby Forever is a novel that follows the story of two cats- William and Tibby. Both cats are nurtured and cared for by a compassionate woman who loves the two cats dearly. The woman developed a deep bond towards the cats and their experiences together helped shaped their characters. One day, William was killed leaving the woman and Tibby devastated. William goes to heaven, while the woman and Tibby go on with their lives, waiting for the day they will be reunited with William. It also follows William’s adventures in heaven as he tries to deal with other cats and animals in heaven while striving to earn his halo. The book is written from William’s perspective as he imparts his views about life on earth and in heaven. 

The idea of writing William and Tibby Forever came after Lynda’s cat, William, was killed. She was so saddened by the loss and thought how it must be for other people, especially for kids losing their pet, or a person for that matter. So she decided to write a children’s picture book about William’s death. However, when she sat to write the story, Lynda realized that she had already written 10 pages, not yet including the part where she meets William. It was then that she made a decision to write a full novel about William.

“William and Tibby were convinced that every time the beasts roared out of sight, it was with the intention of devouring their occupants. Thankfully, however, the beasts always thought better of their behavior and returned with their prey unharmed. The cats were waiting for the day, though, when one of the beasts failed to do so. They could only hope that when that day came it was the man and not Second Mom who was eaten.” – Excerpt from William and Tibby by Lynda Hamblen

William and Tibby Forever is a hilarious and heart-warming story about a cat in heaven. Lynda Hamblen’s debut novel is filled with adventure, laughter, thrill, a bit of drama, but more of joy and celebration of life. It is an animal adventure book that readers of all ages can embrace.

William and Tibby Forever is among the books to be exhibited in the 2020 Los Angeles Festival of Books. Due to the Corona pandemic, the event is postponed until further notice.

About the Author

Lynda Hamblen lives with her husband and her cat Elvira in a small gray house on a hill on a farm in Obion County, Tennessee. Elvira is 17 years old. She is a published poet and essayist. After having spent the last thirty years living with cats, she decided to write a book about a cat’s view of life, God, and eternity. She published William and Tibby Forever in 2018. The book is her first novel. Lynda Hamblen is currently working on essays and poems.