ReadersMagnet Review recommends these five beautiful children’s books you can give this Christmas.

The Christmas Pig by J.K Rowling

First on our list is J.K. Rowling’s The Christmas Pig. The bestselling author’s recent work outside the Harry Potter franchise is about a young boy named Jack and his childhood toy, Dur Pig or DP. The two are best friends and are always inseparable. However, one Christmas Eve, DP disappears. Also, the toys come to life. DP’s replacement and Jack’s latest toy, The Christmas Pig, hatch a daring plan- to embark on an adventure to find what was lost and save DP, Jack’s most prized toy and best friend. The Christmas Pig is a heartwarming adventure about friendship and how far a child is willing to go to be reunited with his most treasured pal.

The Biggest Little Boy by Poppy Harlow

The Biggest Little Boy is a Christmas classic in the making. Poppy Harlow writes a story about a boy named Luca who adores big things- big trucks, big buildings, big bowls of pasta. Most of all, he wants the biggest Christmas tree of all. With Christmas fast approaching, the young boy looks for a special tree. However, Luca’s journey will make him realize that it’s not always the big things that matter in a surprising twist. What matters most is having a BIG heart. With amazing and colorful illustrations by Ramona Kaulitzi, Poppy Harlow’s The Biggest Little Boy is a fitting gift for young children this holiday season.

 The Ladybug And The Bully Frog by Caroleann Rice

The Ladybug And The Bully Frog is one of the three books that features the adventures of Solomon the Snail. Caroleann Rice’s Solomon the Snail is a wise snail that all animals seek advice and answers. In the book The Ladybug And The Bully Frog, a group of animals seeks Solomon’s help after a bully frog named Milton disrupts the peace of the animals playing in the pond. Only the ladybug Dot can fly to Solomon and seek his help. For Christmas, we strongly recommend The Ladybug And The Bully Frog and the two companion books- The Song of Solomon the Snail and Solomon Goes to the Beach as they are rich in lessons and moral values, perfect for kids to enjoy this holiday season.

Pax, Journey Home by Sarah Pennypacker

After the success of Pax 92016), award-winning author Sara Pennypacker is back with the much-anticipated sequel. Pax, Journey is set a year after Peter and his beloved pet fox, Pax, parted ways, living different lives. Pax and his mate, Bristle, have welcomed a litter of kits they must protect. Meanwhile, the now orphaned Peter is filled with guilt and loneliness. He leaves his adopted home with Vola to join the Water Warriors, a group of people determined to heal the land from the scars of the war.

When one of Pax’s kits falls desperately ill, he turns to Peter, the only human he can trust. Despite his misgivings, Peter eventually reunites with Pax. Together, they must journey home and mend the broken bond.

The Bench by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

The Bench is Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s first children’s illustrated book and is an instant #1 New York Times Bestseller. It is a heartwarming book about the special relationship between father and son from the vantage point of a mother. Together with Caldecott-winning and bestselling illustrator Christian Robinson, Meghan captures heartwarming moments and the connection between father and son through beautifully woven text and soft watercolor pictures. Meghan shares this universal message about love, compassion, care, and a unique bond that the relationship features. This read-aloud book is the perfect gift for young boys this Christmas season. It’s also a heartwarming gift for husbands and fathers.