ReadersMagnet Review features Alma Lightbody’s book You’re Not the Boss of Me. 

Imagine a life in which you can live on your terms, have the freedom to be yourself without a care of what others think; this situation can be yours. It’s no secret that the main component to achieving this goal is you, yourself. But how? Through Alma Lightbody’s self-help book, of course. Armed with the author’s rich wisdom and insightful account, you’ll soon dispose of your false identity and embrace your authentic self. To drive that point home, come with us and take a closer look at this remarkable masterpiece. 

Alma Lightbody is on a mission to help others become their bosses.

Published in November of 2012, You’re Not the Boss of Me is the most recent work—and debut book—of this rising author Alma Lightbody. This self-help guide for inner healing aims to guide readers to free themselves from other people’s expectations and programming so they could finally take responsibility for their choices, truths, what matters to them, and stand up for what they believe in. Furthermore, she hopes to equip readers with the tools and strategies to let go of their excess baggage and remove expectations from others and society. 

The book draws from the author’s personal experiences of going through relationship breakups, bankruptcy, health issues, and even taking a wrong turn in life. Within the pages of the book is the raw truth of her profound inner awakening that led to healing herself and changing her life. Her words will open your eyes to the different ways to cultivate self-discovery and shift your perspective on negative situations to turn them into positive ones. Other than the author’s life story, insights and stories from her own patients are featured in the book, making it even more relatable. 

During her syndicated radio interview in America Tonight with Kate Delaney, Alma shared how the book can help you bounce back from tragedies and become your true self. She also emphasized how often people are controlled by opinions, imprints, and all the things they learned as a child going to school. In doing so, they have lost their voice; therefore, she felt it was only fitting to help others shed this phase. She warned that if one continues living a lie, they’ll end up being ill for harboring others’ imprints. As quoted, “People have to go back to the source of where these imprints happen to heal themselves as they move forward.” Read the book to learn what Alma meant to say. 

You’re Not the Boss of Me can be considered Alma’s first published work under her name. However, prior to this, she was given the opportunity to co-write My Wonderful Nightmare with her excellent friend Erin Higgins. The memoir centers on Erin, diagnosed with cancer, baring her soul through journal entries to teach and share thoughts with others. 

About Alma Lightbody

Alma C. Lightbody is a healer, consultant, therapist, energy healer, and author. She holds a degree in medical technology and MBA in business which she earned from Simon Fraser University. Continuing her education, she earned various degrees and spiritual certification to fill her hunger for knowledge. All of these achievements are her ways to find answers and something new in life after being told by a psychic that she’ll only learn of her purpose in her 50s. Today, Alma Lightbody focuses on her writing and energy healing career: her life’s purpose. With 20 years of experience in energy and shamanic work, she started Vital Differences Consultants Inc. Through her energy work, she helps others heal themselves and continues to serve her purpose. She has traveled different continents of the world, some for business but primarily for meaningful and spiritual quests.