ReadersMagnet Review A Good Marine’s Murder, a
newly released self-published book for mystery-thriller fans. Dealing with a
subject that is hounding our daily lives today. Still, managed to provide an
enjoyable read and an exciting book, a truly page-turner book and a guaranteed

A GOOD MARINE’S MURDER the latest book from the self-publish author David. C Corbett, strings of spy-thriller and mystery-thriller books to date.

The subject of his latest thriller is one closest to his heart. The adventure of a Marine Corps pilot, and the kind of life that only the army knows, which any outsider could never understand and appreciate.

While, Corbett has his own distinct style of writing, his book could sometimes be compared to that of Tom Clancy, with his insider knowledge of the Army’s technological hardware and capabilities. His detailed description of the Army’s weaponry and armaments could also be comparable to that of Clancy and Dean Koontz.

 The book also never shy away from what makes a really good mystery-thriller, breathtaking and exciting story. Action-packed, even complete with a purported dogfight featuring the United States Marine Air Wing division’s advanced and modern aircrafts and jets.

David C. Corbett, a retired full Colonel of the United States Marine Corps in 1990, one of the young and up-and coming self-published authors, who already had three previously released spy-thriller and mystery-thriller books is slowly going the way of other bestselling spy-thriller authors like Ludlum, Forsythe, Deighton and Higgins.

The opening pages of his book also reminds you of the detective and mystery-thriller bestselling writer James Lee Burke in the way he describe the scene. Makes you feel like you are part of the scene, and the
unfolding of events.

The story opens where a pair of jet-fighter bomber, an AV-8B Harrier flying from Patrick Force base in south Florida, on the aftermath of Hurricane Irma’s fury, going to the Marine Corps Air Station, in Cherry Point, in North Carolina.

Skippered by a Good Marine Colonel Jack Adams which unfortunately didn’t reach its destination – particularly Colonel Jack Adams, a United States Marine Corps Colonel – whose aircraft crashes in the middle of a North Carolina bean field, exploding in a fiery ball of fire.

Within hours of the incident/accident the commanding officer of the Second Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) Major General Jonathan a. Geise ordered Second MAW Safety officer, Colonel Dan Breakheart, to investigate the incident. Within days of the investigation Colonel Breakheart discovers that the fighter jet was sabotage and his friend was certainly murdered. Motive, means and opportunity certainly occupies Colonel Breakheart initial investigations.
Most, importantly – Why?

Like most stories and books of all genres, Corbett book could also not do away with the love interest of the main characters of the book. A part of the story that is heavily influenced by Hollywood.

As the investigations progressed Colonel Breakheart is joined by his Marine buddy Major “Snake” Burns, also an ACE pilot himself, in their struggle to solve the mysterious death of Colonel Jack Adams. They are joined by Sena Zaffke the NADEP engineer who knows more about jet-fighter bombers and warplanes next only to Corbett. Sena’s role in the story is not just as co-investigator, the one who really found out who murdered Col. Jack
Adams but also a very significant factor in convincing Col. Dan to be – Ready to take a chance again, as Barry
Manilow suggested in his song.

Corbett’s book also tackled a troubling subject that concerns most people. It’s that the menacing drug cartel has tentacles that get into the far reaches of government. In Italy, it is not a question of influence but fear that controls many people in the government.

In Corbett’s book he indicated that even a minor member of the cartel can control and influenced a general of the Marine Air Wing, as well as control several members of the army is showing us a scary picture of what is happening in our society today.

That a general or in some cases in real life a high official can be ordered to commit major crimes like murder in Corbett’s book is a very bleak future that our children can look forward to. It is not so much as controlling or influencing a high or major official in government whether through bribes or intimidation and threat. But the tragic question is: Who!!!?

As in real life and Corbett’s book, A Good Marine’s Murder. Who in our government are compromised? Who can we trust, whom can we rely that will not sell us down the river? Who in our government or political leaders are
tainted and pure? And that is the scariest thing that we ordinary people has to contemplate and ponder.

And this is the silent message that Corbett’s book has posed on us. Just how dangerous is the drug cartel’s influence in our government and our life is. What is the long range and lasting effect of the drug cartel’s influence on our government leaders on the long ran? And how do we combat them?

In effect Corbett’s book is a wake-up call on us to battle this menace on our society that is slowly eating us on the inside out. Like rust that will slowly but surely destroy us from within eventually. Question?
What do we do about it?

The end of the story has the bad guys getting their comeuppance. It tells us why Col. Jack Adams – the Good Marine – was killed, and who was involved.

And Col. Dan has one major reason to live – Sena Zaffe – the NADEP engineer who engineered this turn-about in his matter of the heart. A part two should be in the wings to know more about the adventure of this two
lovebirds. ReadersMagnet Book Review recommends this book to all those who love a thrilling
mystery read.