Virgil Ballard – a self-publish author from ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing offers his newly released book, The Graystar Theory has explored the controversial subject that has been nagging scientists and astronomies for years.

Are there life in other planets? Are extraterrestrials real? ReadersMagnet Review presents The Graystar Theory

The Graystar Theory a Sci-fi tale of an unlikely pair thrown together into a rollercoaster, wacky and hilarious adventure that ends up in a giant surprise for the unsuspecting lovers. Pursued by a semblance of a Men in Black (MIB) and a real life aliens.

Virgil Ballard book has address the questions posed by millions of individuals for several years. Is there life in other planet? Does extraterrestrial exists? Have aliens visited Earth in the past? Are aliens responsible for the construction of several super structures on Earth? The Pyramids. The Stonehenge. The Moai or the Eastern Island Stone Head (Rapa Nui in Polynesian). The Great Wall of China. To name a few.

Curiously, an Oxford Don, claims aliens are actually HERE and they’re breeding with humans! To create a superior hybrid that will survive when most humans will not when climate change ravages the planet. This somewhat, controversial and bizarre theory was presented by Dr. Young-hae Chi, a professor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute.

Dr. Chi claims, that the numerous reports of human abduction by aliens are signs that extraterrestrials are present here on Earth. Speaking from his lecture in 2012 at the annual Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline Conference (AMMACH) about extraterrestrial being present on Earth.

He said” The primary purpose of abduction is to produce human-alien hybrids – who is going to colonize Earth. Second, is to mass-produce second-generation hybrids. According to Dr. Chi, aliens is indistinguishable from humans, especially when they blend into society. These aliens, he said are specially gifted and have extra-human talents that will make them excel than ordinary humans. And what’s more they have been here for ages.

Another scientist/astronomer also echo’s Dr. Chi theory by asking this question:

“Can you imagine how aliens must have interacted and influenced humanity’s history on Earth?” ask Scott C. Waring, a UFO expert.

“Those creative geniuses that changed the world with their art, religion, math, science and technology were either influenced by aliens to do their work or were aliens themselves.” He added.

If this is true, then the long ago suspicion of certain privilege individuals being aliens or half-aliens are real? Is there a possibility then that The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Woody Allen, Donald Trump and Cher are aliens? This suspicions has been voiced long ago by extraterrestrial watchers and sci-fi enthusiasts.

In Graystar Theory, Jason and Sarah, are running for their lives, pursued by both the Men in Black and aliens. Jason, a timid and a pushover person discovered he had a hidden talent. He found out he is a telekinetic. Jason has the power to move objects, bend spoons, and make things fly.

And that’s when their misadventure began. Confused why both the MIB and aliens are openly pursuing them, the lovers got their answers when they met Dr. Graystar, a neurologists.

“For many millennia, as far back as we have lived, humankind has doubted and speculated that alien life forms have existed,” said, Dr. Graystar.

Scientists for years believe that there are other life forms existing in other planets. Whether this life forms exists as one-celled organisms, or complex life form similar to humans is not known yet. But what is certain, scientists explained is that man is not alone in the universe.

Scientists said that there are about 10^22 stars in the universe. Roughly equivalent to 10,000 stars for every grain of sand on Earth.

Assuming 5% of those stars have similar solar system like ours. Rough estimate equals to 500 billion stars who have the same solar system as Earth. Given this enormous numbers, scientists are certain that there should be another life form to be found beyond from Earth.

So Scientist asks, if the probability of an alien life is very high how come we have found or met any aliens or other life forms already?

While Scientists are confident of the existence of aliens, they also cautioned us that the aliens they are envisioning are very different from what we are conditioned to believe from several self-publish sci-fi books of what aliens or extraterrestrial looks like.

Current ReadersMagnet book Review of the Graystar Theory by Virgil Ballard a maverick self-publish sci-fi author poses a scenario that has been considered by both modern sci-fi authors and scientists.


1. Aliens are already present on Earth but has assumed the identity and appearance of humans. They are gifted, and highly superior to ordinary humans that they excel in any endeavor they choose. Like the Beatles and Donald Trump.

2. Aliens have spies living among us already with the intention of colonizing us and planning the entire annihilation of humans.

3. There are already extraterrestrials among us. They are the few remaining survivors of a distant planet that has died. And through a time-warp or space and time continuum they found themselves on Earth. Being of superior intelligence and possessing of great powers they assume our identity and appearance then decided to live among us. Cross- Breeding with us and producing super-humans, like Keith Richards, Madonna and Chuck Berry.

In his self-publish sci-fi book Virgil Ballard has the lead character Jason being pursued by three alien species: the Armikkan, Periyondy, and Dallkine. All these alien species have the ability to change shape and appearance. Sometimes assuming the appearance of a Men in Black agent in pursuing Jason and Sarah.

Why these aliens are pursuing Jason is the secret that will both surprise and amazed them.

ReadersMagnet self-publish sci-fi author Virgil Ballard is also one of a kind writer. A livestock farmer and rancher for 50 years and later as a real estate developer has written a science fiction book, that is both funny and showing the common sense and wisdom of a rancher. Rather than writing a western novel like Elmore Leonard, Loren Estleman and Louis Lamour, he has self-publish a sci-fi novel.

The book is both intriguing and funny. Virgil Ballard offers us a funny narrative different from the usual self-published sci-fi books. The Graystar Theory is full of homespun common sense and wisdom that only simple hard-working folks possess. ReadersMagnet Book Review recommends this book.