Turtle Tales Part 1 and Part 2

Heidi Lynn Studer

ISBN 978-1-9499-8184-1

ISBN 978-1-9509-4705-8

June 07, 2019

June 25, 2019

24 Pages

Turtle Tales is a two-part children’s illustrated book by Heidi Lynn Studer. ReadersMagnet Review takes a look at this unique children’s animal books that’s been gaining interests due to its unique topic.

Two Turtle Tales

Turtle Tales Part 1

The Turtle Tales Part 1 is nonfiction illustrated children’s book. The story is told through the eyes of Squirtle, Perham’s friendly mascot. In this adventure, Squirtle narrates about the turtle racing tradition of Perham, Minnesota. For the past forty (40) years, the people of Perham has been organizing annual international turtle racing. Here, we also get to meet Squirtle’s five fabulous little friends- Turbo Tripp, Henrietta Hare, Ellie the Encourager, Ryker Racoon, and Chetley Cricket. With their help, readers are exposed to the history and other interesting facts about Perham’s unique animal race.

Turtle Tales Part 2

The sequel to The Turtle Tales tells the story of Perham’s resident mascot, Squirtle the Turtle and his adventure of going to a true-to-life field trip. Again, he is joined by his audacious friends Turbo Tripp, Henrietta Hare, Ellie the Encourager, Ryker Raccoon, and Chetley Cricket. Turtle Tales Part 2 takes us to a different setting. This time Squirtle and his friends are going on a true-to-life adventure. While Turtle Tales Part 1 talks about Perham’s International Turtle Race, Part 2 talks more about their trip and the places they went to. The gang also Fairview-University Medical Center. The story centers on the Turtle Derby.

An Illustrated Children’s Book and An Informational Material Rolled into One

What makes Heidi Lynn Studer’s Turtles Tales a unique read is a format used in writing both narratives. While most children’s books employ hi-tech graphic illustrations and digital designs, Studer went old school and opt for good old drawings with hand quality coloring of each illustration. Because the books each have a corresponding real-life event/story attached to it, Studer also incorporated newspaper clippings and photographs in some of the pages. Using a scrapbook format that is rarely used in today’s publication of children’s books, Turtles Tales is definitely a breath of fresh air as far as modern Children’s Illustrated Books are concerned.

Overall, Turtle Tales is both a fun and informative read. Rarely do we encounter a true informational material that is also enjoyable. The child-like illustrations are consistent with the whole theme of clean, innocent fun that is turtle racing. For that reason alone, ReadersMagnet Reviews recommend Turtle Tales Part 1 and 2 by Heidi Lynn Studer for children and those interested in the unique tradition of Perham’s international turtle racing.

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