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The LLX 2023 event isn’t like any other – organically built from years of research, exploration, and dedication from ALA members. This is one event you shouldn’t miss. More importantly, you get to meet the best people from the industry who are on a mission to enrich readers’ lives through their books.

You might be wondering why you should attend this year’s LibLearnX. After all, conferences are typically overwhelming, primarily when they’re held at large. Not to worry, though, because LLX 2023 is done in a more intimate setting, where a calm environment is created for attendees to breathe in and feel at home. We want everyone to be as cozy as possible, so the LLX 2023 was designed for all to engage meaningfully with each other.

If you’re up for active conversations and fulfillment in learning from the best industry people, here are the top five reasons why you shouldn’t miss this year’s LibLearnX:

1 – The LLX 2023 event has a lot to offer

An educational experience featuring instructional design and active learning through close interactions? We got you covered. Are you looking for resources that showcase industry leaders’ latest innovative solutions and products? LLX 2023 has it all. And if you’re in for interactive relationship building, we are here to strengthen networks and linkages with fellow participants.

Aside from meeting notable figures and getting a chance to further individual learning, you also get the latest news and trends. We offer attendees the latest research, trends, and information from top library leaders, field experts, and well-informed exhibitors. The Learning Formats provided at this conference are another thing you should take advantage of.

And if you are passionate about community outreach programs, the LLX 2023 event doesn’t miss. After all, this is the root of what we do in this event. With ALA Gives Back, we spark an initiative that significantly impacts the community. Our programs demonstrate how library professionals can still make the world better. Find out more when you attend this conference!

2 – The conference gives back to its hardworking contributors

We all know that the thriving library industry wouldn’t be where it is without the hard work and commitment of librarians, authors, and library leaders across the country. We have the annual “I Love My Librarian Awards,” where we recognize exceptional librarians from different educational levels.

The LLX 2023 has the “Book & Media Awards,” a virtual award-giving body granted to the best books and media, handpicked by our top-notch selection committee. The conference also features the “Youth Media Awards,” which recognizes outstanding material for children and teens.

3 – It is an inclusive event

Accessibility will never be an issue during the LLX 2023 event. We want to ensure that everyone enjoys a positive and equal experience. Each session will be captioned during the conference, and mobility scooter rentals will be available. 

We provide accessible shuttle buses and service animals to circle through the conference. The organizers also prepared accessible sleeping rooms right in our hotel block. The LLX 2023 event’s sessions will have an American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter. This ensures that no one is left behind as they go around various conference sessions.

4 – We prioritize health and safety

Let’s not forget that we are still in a pandemic, despite everything seemingly returning to normal. Everyone’s health and safety is LLX’s top priority so we will ensure a clean and safe environment. We also tediously track various government agencies’ latest health and safety news. The Library Learning Experience will be held in a sanitized venue, complete with health and safety precautions so that everyone can enjoy the event without many problems.

5 – LLX 2023 has the best partnership in the industry

The ALA believes it will be a seamless event with the help of the best industry partners. We got ReadersMagnet on board; thus, we are confident that we can provide all participants with the best learning experience in the industry.

ReadersMagnet has always been a reliable publisher that aided ALA in many endeavors for the good of all librarians, authors, and readers alike. It is a partnership that’s going strong, and with their help in making this event happen, every attendee is sure to have the best learning experience of a lifetime.

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