ReadersMagnet talks about praise poetry and why it is good for us.

We’ve often heard that poetry is the language of the soul, and its words are drawn from the deepest of human emotions. According to poet Shannon Arthur, “There is a very close relationship between poetry and spirituality. One could say that spirituality is the heart and soul of all the best poetry.” But what about devotional poetry? Devotional poetry refers to poems that express religious worship, praise, or prayer. In the poetry book, The Color of Life by Raymond Quattlebaum, we learn that devotional poetry is more than religion per se. It features poems about the spiritual journey, God’s blessings, the beauty of nature, and the landscape of life by Quattlebaum. In short, it is not strictly pious or serious themes all the time. Modern praise poems are pretty entertaining as well. Here are five reasons why praise or devotional poetry is good for us.

It reconnects you to your faith.

Praise or devotional poetry allows us to experience faith in a different way. Many praise poetry invites its readers to dig deeper into their personal faith and appreciate God’s presence in their lives. Some poems even challenge readers to reflect on their shortcomings and weaknesses and help readers renew their faith and communion with God. Praise poetry reintroduces us to our spiritual journey.

Praise poetry is quite relaxing.

Praise poetry can be meditative. It can be a great source of relaxation and a moment of reflection. Many praise poetry covers themes like finding one’s self, the pursuit of inner peace and serenity, and can also be a sort of mental escape. Some early Christian poems dabble on appreciating solemnity and being far from the hustle and bustle of the physical world. In today’s busy society, embracing praise poetry can be a great idea.

It inspires us to seek positivity.

Unlike other types of poetry, praise poetry is almost always synonymous with tranquility and a positive outlook. Most of the themes it covers include gratitude, kindness, faith, devotion, forgiveness, and hope. Praise poetry expresses healthy ideas and gives off positive energy. Praise poetry invites us to seek the good in everyone and in ourselves. They inspire us to think good, feel good, and do good. Praise poetry is positivity.

Helps discover your own poetry.

Reading poetry might inspire you to take an interest in writing your own poems. Praise poems are primarily personal, and most of them are not complex in terms of words and structure. Praise poetry can be a stepping stone for writing more serious poems. By reading other people’s works, you might find your own words, and who knows, you will be collecting and publishing your poems in no time. Expressing one’s faith and feelings is one of the most outstanding achievements you can have.

Praise poetry is educational too.

Praise or devotional poetry features some of the greatest writers of all time. Names like John Milton, Isaac Watts, C.S. Lewis, John Donne, Jane Hirshfield, and Luci Shaw are often linked with praise poetry. Aside from learning their works, praise poetry also educates you more about your religion, church, and the history of your faith. Praise poetry is not only for the soul but is also for the mind.

Raymond Quattlebaum is an African-American poet. He is the author of two inspirational poetry books- The Color of Love and Poetry in Motion. To know more about Raymond Quattlebaum and his works, you can purchase copies of his books or visit his author’s website today.