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There are many reasons why we should go to space, aside from the simple pleasure and joy of being able to explore its vast expanse.

Scott Harral, the author of Moon Luck, can capture how interesting and mysterious outer space is. Harral’s sci-fi and mystery book tells a story of a distant future wherein mankind has successfully built a lunar base. With many scientists and people in the base, something happens that turns everything upside down.

Today, we invite you to join us as we discuss the numerous reasons why humanity should ultimately make our way to the stars and our neighboring planets—possibly even beyond.

Space Mining Could Solve Our Resource and Energy Problems

Our natural resources are under more and more stress as the population keeps growing at an unstoppable rate. According to current predictions, humanity could reach a peak of 10–12 billion people by 2100. This means that we would need enormous resources in the future. There are a lot of valuable resources in space. However, extracting rich minerals has caused many issues, such as environmental harm and human exploitation.

You’ve likely heard the rumor that the metallic asteroid Psyche, the target of a recently launched mission bearing the same name, is extremely valuable. That’s accurate, but there are also smaller, easier-to-reach items that are richer in minerals than we could have ever imagined. The goal of startups such as AstroForge is to mine asteroids rather than Earth, which might result in an almost limitless supply of rare raw minerals unavailable on Earth.

It Will Help Us Develop New Research and Technologies

Although humanity has yet to develop the ability to travel to space, humans do so. As a result, numerous technologies that boost the economy and enhance our quality of life on Earth have been developed.

Without space projects, we wouldn’t have solar cells, GPS, precise weather forecasting, instantaneous worldwide communication, or UV (Ultraviolet) filters in cameras and sunglasses. Additionally, medical research that cannot be conducted on Earth is currently taking place in space with the potential to treat illnesses and extend human life. One day, space travel may save your life.

This is one of the main reasons why we should go to space. We should aim to discover more innovations and research; space will help us with that. With the technological level that we have today, space exploration is more than ever and ripe for discovery. Harral’s sci-fi and mystery book even tells us how much technological growth humanity can achieve by setting up a lunar base.

Humans Are Natural Explorers

Though there are other more pragmatic justifications for space exploration, the fundamental human experience of venturing into the unknown is one of the main reasons we must go on.

It’s why billions of people are on Earth: ever since our first upright steps, humans have tried to understand the world around us. This has allowed us to establish a civilization that spans the entire planet.

Space exploration may be used to find new worlds develop cutting-edge technologies and bring people together. Exploration has always united people to work toward a common objective regardless of race, nationality, or political opinion. We cease to be human if we can’t end our conflict long enough to accomplish it.

We Must Use These Reasons Why We Should Go to Space to Our Advantage

Scott Harral’s sci-fi and mystery book can serve as a great goal for humanity to reach. Building a lunar base would be a wonderful achievement and a testament to how far our interstellar technology has come.

Visit his website at to grab a copy of his book today. Don’t forget to check out our other articles and discover a journey of exploration and discovery!