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Believe it or not, kids LOVE listening to musical tunes, and that’s one of the reasons why kids should listen to music.

Author Caroleann Rice is aware of kids’ innate appreciation for music. She then wrote a children’s book titled “The Song of Solomon the Snail.” It has a tale of love accompanied by songs kids will certainly like.

Music has been a part of our lives for thousands of years. A study even discovered that infants prefer listening to a song’s beat over someone speaking. This means that after a parent stops talking to their children, they can put on some music for their kids.

Now that you know how much children love music, it’s time to explore why we should let them listen to it.

Reasons Why Kids Should Listen to Music

The role that music plays in a kid’s life is highly essential. It is even more remarkable because it positively impacts a child’s growth. But if you need more reasons to let your kids listen to some music, then here they are:

1. Learning Patterns and Calculable Progressions

Songs and instrumentals adhere to a pattern. A pattern that is pleasing to our ears. Children’s songs are purposely designed so that kids can effortlessly learn that specific pattern and follow along with the tune.

Through repetition, children also learn the progression of whatever music they are listening to. Learning sequences is vital for coding, reading, and math, so it’s nice that youngsters can do it by listening to music.

2. Reacting to Rhythm and Movement

Rhythm and movement are crucial during a child’s development. And what art form makes both adults and kids shake their bodies or tap their feet to the sounds they’re hearing? Music, that’s what!

Movement aids kids in cultivating their overall motor skills, such as coordination. Music also improves mood and, in some cases, helps us sleep properly. This is undoubtedly one of the best reasons why kids should listen to music.

Caroleann Rice wants kids to develop in the best way. Her book “The Song of Solomon the Snail” makes kids understand the value of love with songs.

3. Develop Their Range of Vocabulary and Mastery of Language

It’s not uncommon for songs and other kinds of music to have lyrics. This is when music can present new vocabulary words and realize that song lyrics carry meaning. Does this mean your child should only be listening to music with lyrics? The answer is no.

Songs with no lyrics can also aid a kid in establishing listening skills, which is an influential component of language development.

4. Children Can Practice Mindfulness

Young kids are still finding out how to maneuver and master their emotions. Children can discover how to utilize music as an outlet to articulate themselves, even their negative feelings, in a positive manner. They could use it as a method to calm down, as well.

There may be a specific song that a kid wishes to listen to whenever they’re upset or sad. Perhaps soothing songs or music can be combined with a particular activity, such as taking a couple of deep breaths can aid kids in moving past these normal emotions.

Well, there you have it, dear readers. We’ve presented a couple of reasons why kids should listen to music. Children have loved music from the moment they’re born until they pass away.

Caroleann Rice respects music’s value in a child’s life, so she wrote her book to reflect that. With Solomon the Snail’s journey singing praises to God and appreciating how beautiful the world is.

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