The 1960s were a decade of both significant triumphs and tragedies. Those who grew up during that era have witnessed some of the most pivotal events in modern history. The decade was marked by unforgettable moments such as space exploration, the first landing on the moon, and the rise of legendary music bands like The Beatles. 

However, the 1960s had its fair share of darkness; 60s babies who are now Baby Boomers witnessed the Vietnam War, civil rights struggles, and segregation. Despite the turbulent times, the decade remains iconic for the revolutionary moments it has contributed to that changed the world forever.

A Childhood Memory Worth Sharing

Courageous, compelling, and nostalgic stories from the 60s, such as Robert Ross Williams’ Woodlawn Giants, reflect all-American values beyond generations. The book tells a captivating tale of his journey through a bygone era, following him and his friends as they grow up and experience adventures together in their neighborhood. Williams’ narrative opens with Daddy and Mr. Rick planting some pine trees that represent the author’s lifelong friends, the authors known as the Woodlawn Giants. 

Readers will join the boys on adventures such as Florida Ball, snipe hunting, and their attempt to jump the Ten-Mile Bayou as they read the book. They will experience the “it takes a village” mentality that was the norm in their everyday life, with Mrs. Mary Jane and Momma watching over them. 

The book includes friendly and colorful characters that help shape the richness of the story. Readers will meet Big Phil Spicer, their group’s kind and generous leader, and the sassy Janice Smith, also known as Skillet, who always has a quick wit. It also allows readers to witness the sniper operation where the gang comes together to take down Old Man Donaldson. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy the trot line stories of Dacus and Tunica Lake. Of course, with boys being boys, there will be accidents and mistakes.

A recipient of RMazing Bonanza – Year 2, Level 3, the book paints a beautiful portrait of what it was like growing up in Woodlawn. It is a piece of work that inspires and gives form to the experiences of an older generation growing up. Woodlawn Giants serves as a reminder that individuals are never too young or old to share a story worth telling.

From the Woodlawn to the World

Williams was born in 1960 in Memphis, Tennessee, and briefly lived in South Memphis on Latham Street. Afterward, his family relocated to West Memphis, Arkansas, on the west side of the Mississippi River. They settled at 621 East Woodlawn, close to where the pine trees that played a crucial role in his novel were located. Additionally, Williams is a retired Army officer with a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Memphis and an M.A. in Russian Studies from Florida State University.

Williams dedicates his book Woodlawn Giants to all mothers and fathers who made their little piece of the world as children into a better place. 

“We were not angels, and we learned some hard life lessons. We all lived and understood, and it was a wonderful childhood. Miss you, Momma and Daddy. Miss you, Big Phil and the Woodlawn Giants. The pines still stand, and the memories live on.”

Williams’ memoir is an honest narrative of friendship, love, and family that grows and thrives with the change of time. Robert Ross Williams is also the author of Rainbow Farm and Rainbow Farm 2.0: Impeachment and Virus, political and satirical books that push its readers to reflect on themselves and America.

Rainbow Farm is a book that delves into the current state of US politics since the election of Donald Trump as the forty-fifth President. The book employs a similar approach that George Orwell used in his famous novel Animal Farm, where specific notable figures are depicted as animals on a farm. Rainbow Farm aims to expose the hypocrisy of the US political parties, the Donkeys and Elephants, in their dealings with each other and their contradictory views of different farms.

Readers may join along and enjoy Rainbow Farm 2.0, the sequel to Rainbow Farm. The thought-provoking book will captivate readers with two earth-shattering events on the farm: impeachment and virus. The inventive world of Rainbow Farm 2.0 contains various animals associated with different parties, reflecting America’s state of governance. Here, readers will witness drama, tragedy, and evolution rolled into one compelling book that attempts to ask who could be the country’s next leader. 

Have a heart-tugging read with the Woodlawn Giants. The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & NobleRainbow Farm and Rainbow Farm 2.0: Impeachment and Virus are also available in leading book retailers. Learn more about the author by visiting his official website:


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