Critical success usually mean commercial success. And in digital marketing, critical success primarily comes in the form of ranking high in search engines, especially Google search. Let’s take a closer look at how customer reviews as an essential SEO ranking factor.

For any business, good customer reviews are the ultimate marketing tool. Positive feedbacks and comments inspire business to perform admirably. More importantly, it puts the business into a crucial spotlight where opportunities for growth and expansion are not far behind. Pleasant customer experience and engagement are important not only for fulfillment but also for further advertising your product. According to,

“Retailers should be listening to feedback — and that means monitoring online reviews from your customers. While online reviews may seem like a small piece of the bigger picture that makes up your online presence, more shoppers are relying on review websites when deciding what products to buy. In today’s digital age, 93% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. 

Online reviews are important for a number of reasons, and have major implications through their ability to affect:

  • Your rankings in local search engines
  • Which search results actually get surfaced (and clicked on)
  • Consumer purchasing decisions

That makes online reviews as critical to your local SEO strategy as building citations and on-site optimization.”

The Importance of reputable review sites such as Trustpilot.

While the site and social media comments help boost your online visibility, what really contributes to building your online reputation as far as customer reviews and feedbacks are concerned are those that are posted in established and well-esteemed review sites such as those in Trustpilot Reviews. is a consumer review website founded in 2007. They host reviews of various businesses and industries all over the globe. Though based in Denmark, it has satellite offices in New York, Denver, London, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Berlin, and Melbourne. Each month, the site posts almost 1 million new reviews.

The role of linking your business to a credible organization like BBB.

Another way to gather good online reviews for your site is to register your business to a credible business rating site where your customers can visit your profile and leave testimonials and feedbacks. The Better Business Bureau is an established organization that gives business accreditation various businesses and organizations. It was founded 107 years ago and has accredited more than 400,000 local businesses in North America alone.

Google Reviews and Google My Business are topmost review sources.

Of course, if you are aiming for the top search engine which is Google, it makes sense to get Google Reviews. It is known that 92% of consumers take time to read online reviews. Because more people turn to Google when searching for business and other topics, their reviews command credibility more than any other review sites. It’s the same with GMB (Google My Business) page. Google My Business is essential for small businesses interested in increasing their visibility online. In fact, according to a search engine watch group, 38% of the consumers are likely to visit sites with GMB page. Also, 29% of the consumers are likely to purchase from businesses with GMB page.

Overall Trustpilot reviews and other review indicated in these sites have a huge bearing in search rankings. For ReadersMagnet whose products include publishing and book marketing services, reviews from authors posted on these sites are very valuable and crucial in helping ReadersMagnet build its online reputation and in improving their Google search ranking.                                                                                                                                                                                             

This year, ReadersMagnet has scored numerous positive reviews from its authors. Also, ReadersMagnet’s BBB rating has improved from A- last year to this year’s A rating.

ReadersMagnet’s BBB Profile Page

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