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Religious leaders know the secrets of the church that could lead to the downfall or progress of the faithful.

Rev. Robert Mendonca wrote his book, Joy for the Journey: The Royal Road in Time of Distress, due to the anomaly of a joyless church. In this book, he tells his experiences as a priest, the joys and the temptations.

Churches and their leaders have secrets that are deep and personal. Sometimes, these secrets can lead to the progress of an individual or the downfall of the church. Here is a list of secrets of the church you should know about:

Religious Leaders Are Not Perfect

Some of us may have thought that religious leaders are perfect as they are closer to God. Well, this secret will burst that bubble as leaders will say they are not as perfect as you think. They are people, too. Meaning, that temptations can also corrupt them, leading them to commit sins.

Church leaders can become insecure about other people. This insecurity can then lead them to stronger temptations and unethical duties.

Spiritual Journeys Are Not Easy

On Sundays or Sabbath, we go to church to pray, rest, and get closer to God. But as lay people, we might think that religious leaders and other people who dwell in the church had it easy. Well, we are wrong. Religious leaders can also have it difficult to mend their relationship with God. Yes, even if they are preaching the Word of the Lord, they can still breach it.

Spiritually, church leaders will find a way to stay connected with God no matter how difficult it is to stay on track.

Some Leaders Are Lonely

There is always a fallback when we attempt to get closer to God. For religious leaders, what they face is loneliness. Sometimes, they become lonely when it becomes harder for them to get through the different challenges they have in life.

Some people who are on their way to ordination are reported to have experienced a harder way of life to their goal. It affects them emotionally. Even if they show a happy guise to permeate the joy of the church, these people can still feel their imperfections and feel the loneliness they have inside. Their goals are hard to reach, and not achieving the goal will make them feel lonely.

Criticism Can Hurt Them

Even if they keep their composure in times of negativity among their group, criticisms can hurt a religious leader. Preachers and priests will always receive criticism from the very people that they teach. These criticisms can sting them to the core, which leads them to feel loneliness.

The Thoughts of Leaving the Sect

Of course, loneliness will corrupt a leader deep inside and challenge him with a thought about leaving the church. All leaders will feel that heavy feeling and make them feel about leaving even if they still want to stay. This feeling is one of the hardest challenges they can face in their time in the church.

Sometimes, if they reach out to people who can help them, they can easily return to their road of spiritual journey or feel their joy for the journey.

The Secrets of the Job

Being a church leader is not only about preaching the Words of God. It is about managing people. Most of the time, they will encounter conflicts in the church that will challenge their power to lead and manage conflicts. Furthermore, they face other challenges that will allow them to make some changes and get people to do what they thought they could not do.

They Don’t Like What They’re Doing

Even if they have experienced church leadership for years, religious leaders don’t always feel like they like what they are doing. It is actually true for all the jobs out there, too. However, being connected to the church involves the calling and commitment they had in the previous years.

Most of the time, they would pray to God for guidance that would help them feel the enlightenment of being in the church of God.

One of the Biggest Secrets of the Church: Self-Trust

Church leader have members of the sect that believes in every word that they say. After all, they are the leaders. They are closer to God. However, these people also have self-trust issues. People believe in them more than they believe in themselves. This issue can sometimes lead them to becoming more unfocused on their jobs and getting more absentminded. They somehow keep navigating the royal road to a joyful connection with God and have a good image for the people and the church.

To know more about the church and some of its secrets, you can always get a copy of Joy for the Journey by Rev. Robert Mendonca on the website.