The book is a guide to becoming the best volunteer that God would like one to be.

Servants Heart: From the voice of a volunteer by Jamie Pulos-Fry is a book about being the best volunteer that God would like you to be by being faithful, being a servant, and helping others.

The book opens up with how volunteering matters, introducing its benefits: drawing you closer to God, making a difference in other people’s lives, setting a good example for the kids, and growing personally. It also provides reasons why people volunteer, such as giving back to the community.

Each chapter of the book is introduced with Bible scriptures. These scriptures still echo the benefit of drawing closer to God. As a volunteer, being faithful actually helps in putting out effort for other people with pure intentions. It makes you think, “What would Jesus do?”

The author Jamie Pulos-Fry also included the Ten Commandments to help the volunteers remember to think like God when serving. These Commandments will remind anyone about the reasons for volunteering.

Getting older will eventually push you to work with younger people. Sometimes, it is hard to accept that these people will teach and correct you in the process. Volunteering lets you humble yourself and realize that you want to do what’s right. This book provides a scenario that makes you imagine yourself being in that situation. As per Matthew 20:26-27, “But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister.” This passage teaches everyone to be humble when it comes to working with young people.

Contrary to working with young people, we also tend to become the young ones ourselves. The book reminds readers that older people can teach you to slow down, look, and think before opening your mouth. And yes, working with older people allows one to have a figure to look up to. These people can mentor and help you exercise patience and compassion.

As a volunteer, one should have no favoritism. Doing this service allows one to explore and discover so many things that might have not been seen by the public eye. Favoritism is a problem that does not offer your volunteering service any good. Sadly, it is still practiced today. There are people that might need your help more than anyone. Jamie Pulos-Fry provides Biblical passages that remind the volunteers how to be the comforting fellow among the people in need of service.

Jamie Pulos-Fry also reminds us that it is okay to say no if you are not comfortable doing something. There are some things that some of us are not capable of doing. Saying no does not hurt much. The Lord is teaching us that we are not perfect and we should be willing to change with the environment and the people around us.

The author uses her voice to let the other servants of God know that they can always give themselves to God by volunteering. Here, they can strip out selfishness by practicing the ways of the Lord through giving back to the community wholeheartedly.

Servants Heart does not only tackle the lessons of serving as volunteers but also lets its readers delve into their faith as they learn better ways of putting themselves out to help others as the Good Samaritans.

The book is perfect for those people who are still searching for the meaning of life and what it means to be selfless in the community. It also helps you make better choices as you decide on finding a good path in life to be in a better trajectory. We are always reminded that God is watching.

Ultimately, Jamie Pulos-Fry puts out an easy-read book that helps one find the guiding light that purifies the intentions when accepting a service.

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QUOTE| “It was the noble thing for someone to lend a hand for the greater good of mankind.” – Jamie Pulos-Fry, Servants Heart.

Book Title| Servants Heart: From the voice of a volunteer

Author| Jamie Pulos-Fry


Published Date| 3/02/2018

Book Retail Price|$7.99

Author’s Biography

Jamie Pulos-Fry is a faithful member of Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, California. She likes to serve and volunteer in various areas of the church. Serve in the Coffee Shop and Bookstore for West Coast Baptist College and sing in the Choir at the church, plus was a Captain of a Ladies Bus for 5 Years.  This is her second book, first one is Encouraging A Friend With Our Trials, and the third one is A WIDOWS CRY a helpful tool for widow ministries and she hopes that Servants Heart will be a great help in future volunteering choices in your life.

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