Social media spells new opportunities for authors What print and other traditional advertising methods had done for authors in the past, social media advertising services can also do for authors today. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, social media can help authors build their author brand, create awareness, build a following, and sell books while spending less money, expending less effort, and investing fewer resources. This is an opportunity for both established and aspiring authors to bring their works to a wider audience. Why social media for authors? Glenn Leibowitz, a contributor for the media brand for entrepreneurs and start-ups Inc., said it best, “Social media lets authors engage directly with readers and build a tribe of loyal fans from just about every country on earth.” For authors who wish to make a name in their niche but are unable to afford TV, radio, and print advertising, social media is a readily available tool. It is almost free advertisement and marketing when managed correctly. Social media is almost free of cost (depending on how you want to use it).

The only requirement is access to the Internet and a device (be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) to share your story across social media channels. Of course, given that readers have become tech-savvy and many of them Google for books to read next, then you should utilize social media advertising services to reach modern readers.

How authors can use social media marketing? The social media strategy for authors should concentrate on publishing and promoting quality content through social networks to generate natural links, drive targeted traffic to the author website, and increase online brand presence. Authors can start optimizing their social profiles by including a link to their website and/or Amazon product detail page in the bio description and/or website field of their social networks. And from there, they can get their followers to share content through their own personal networks. Depending on what social media networks they use, authors have the choice to:
  • Create a purely text-based post or tweet;
  • Share an original image or video (with or without text in the caption);
  • Share a link to a website content (with or without text in the caption);
  • Create an image post with a text and link in the caption; and
  • Create a formatted link post (with or without text in the caption)
Authors should discover which posts work best (for their followers) on their social networks. Results may vary; more impressions do not necessarily mean more engagement and more engagement does not mean more clicks and visits to the author website and sales. What’s important is that engagement leads to sales. (More about this on future articles.) Social media advertising services help authors add a social factor to their book marketing and promotion process. Authors should tap the power of social media to connect with potential readers. You may not get invited to guest on popular TV talk shows or speak at a national book fair but if readers can find your book on social media, it’s fine. To start with your social media campaign sign up with us today! Contact us at 1-800-805-0762 | 619-354-2576 or email us at [email protected].