Photo by Tobias Aeppli

Jocelyne Ranucci’s “From Childhood to Christhood” book on the spiritual journey and spiritual growth emphasizes that people can write their destiny. However, creating one’s destiny isn’t easy. People must go through the processes of self-reflection, personal growth, and soul searching.

Do you have days where you find yourself staring blankly at something, feeling burnt out? You’re in that position with the impression that something seems missing or amiss. There’s an empty feeling gnawing at your heart. You don’t know what to do to fill that in.

When people fall into this headspace, they often associate it with a lack of connection. They believe the empty feeling can be filled with love and affection from someone else. Hence, they seek romantic relationships, hoping to find an adequate connection outside. And in most instances, they fail. The relationships end up being mediocre, which forces them to go through the cycle again.

They fail to realize that ever so often, a better sense of connection can be found not in others but within themselves. The perfect piece to fill up the emptiness in their lives can be easily found by looking inside than outside.

Looking Within Oneself

The spiritual term “soul searching” has become an alternative for vacation. People use the term whenever they want a break and fun. While this isn’t extremely far from what soul searching is, this causes people not to realize its immense value.

In Jocelyne Ranucci’s From Childhood to Christhood book on the spiritual journey and spiritual growth, she emphasizes the belief that people create their destiny. Their lives aren’t pre-plotted and finalized. Instead, they have the power to change the course of their stories. They can write and achieve their destinies after self-reflection, personal growth, and soul searching.

Soul searching is achieving a greater alignment with one’s true self. This alignment is done by figuring out one’s purpose, motivations, and the things in their life or characteristics one needs to alter. They’re in dire need of soul searching when they start feeling drained, empty, and generally as though they don’t recognize themselves anymore.

Soul searching helps people get answers to the wonders that no book or expert can answer. This can also help one gain insights that the mind and heart can’t offer, thus nourishing the soul and making one feel and believe they’re complete again.

Starting One’s Soul Searching

With an idea so consequential yet vague, finding a starting point would feel similar to finding a needle in a haystack. This change contributes to why most people go through the same cycle of emptiness without resolution. Since starting the soul-searching journey is a collective struggle, experts have stepped in to curate initial steps people can take.

Start With Some Time Alone

While people are naturally social beings, this doesn’t mean all their time should be spent with others. Having alone time or what they refer to as a “me-time” is also highly beneficial. This time can help people replenish their energy and connect with themselves better.

Time alone doesn’t have to be serious or quiet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be spent at home or indoors. People can do activities they usually do with others, but they do it alone this time. They can take a peaceful stroll in the park or eat in a crowded restaurant. This allows people to look at the world from a new perspective and realize that their presence alone is enough.

Connect With Others

Time alone can comfort others to the point of isolation. But this isn’t the goal. The goal is to achieve some sense of self and comfort while still yearning for genuine connection.

People can gather courage and start a conversation with the person next in line, the local store’s cashier, or the librarian. Social media can give people a sense of adequacy in having online connections and relationships. But in the end, people will always prefer human connection.

People must avoid social media during their soul searching and do something outside their usual routine. The digital connection can interfere with their mindfulness and being in the present. Instead of mindlessly scrolling throughout the day, people need to log out and build personal relationships outside.

When’s a Better Way to Start Than Now?

Life can be exhausting. It can suck the light out of even the most optimistic person alive. This is why people must establish their purpose and motivation before it happens. The best way to live life is by understanding what genuinely makes one happy and content. And this can be done with a little soul searching.