Due to the health issues caused by the pandemic, many individuals are still adamant about joining physical events. The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS), the biggest Virtual Book Fair available online, is created to meet the needs of authors who choose to stay at home.

You can join the online companion events wherever you are as long as you can connect on the internet. That’s the power of digital platforms that ReadersMagnet wants to maximize to help authors share their stories with the world. Aside from the desktop, portable gadgets can now be used for virtual events, like Zoom Meeting and Video Call.

Solid Foundation

TFOS, the Virtual Book Fair of ReadersMagnet, is crafted by considering authors’ needs. This initiative started in the 2020 pandemic to provide a space where authors can customize a way to connect with writers, readers, publishers, illustrators, editors, and decision-makers alike. The platform can gather around 20,000 connections online who will possibly be back for Chapter 3 of the event. Taking advantage of this book fair will overhaul your author branding and book promotion.

Wide Audience

Since TFOS is done via the internet, authors will have a wide and varied audience from around the globe during the event. For instance, in TFOS Season 1, the page views reached 69,284 with 41,823 unique views. The visitors totaled about 5,000 fairgoers. Together with TFOS Season 2, the event views have already reached almost 100K and around 8K visitors.

This broad audience reach will give authors a platform to support their online activities, such as author interviews, forums, networking sessions, and roundtable discussions. The Stage and Booth pages allow visitors and viewers to comment via chat. This type of connection can be strengthened for your marketing advantage.

Author Connectivity

The Festival of Storytellers is designed explicitly for author interactions with other writers and fans. They can create their circle of authors while strengthening their online exposure. Aside from being moderators, authors can have the chance to become the main speaker. The recorded or live content can be downloaded and shared on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This shareability is the best feature of social media sites that you can capitalize on to boost your online presence.

If you have your author’s website, you can also upload the videos or link your content from TFOS to your site of Amazon page.

To learn more about our Author Virtual Festival, reach out to our consultants here at ReadersMagnet. Dial 1-800-805-0762 or message us at [email protected]. Get in touch with us today!

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