Paranormal accounts and encounters are standard in our living world. But in Brian Jay Nelson’s The Branchview Series, his characters happen upon an entirely different realm brimming with the fantastical, mythical, and terrible. Readers will be treated to a brilliant story concerning werewolves, witches, mermaids, satanic cults, and mythological gods. This book series is undoubtedly the rollercoaster ride every bookworm dreams of riding on.

The series starts with the first book titled “The Unexpected Journey,” followed by “The Epic Showdown,” and concludes with “The Portal of Time.” Each book perfectly complements the other, as Brian masterfully builds upon the story and worldbuilding with every iteration of this fantastic trilogy. The author’s writing skills are presented to the forefront as the series progresses until it reaches its end.

But before we get into the books and stories they offer, let’s go ahead and get to know the outstanding author, Brian Jay Nelson.

The Man Behind the Impressive Branchview Series

Brian Jay Nelson was born and brought up in Erie, Pennsylvania, and has been embroiled in some writing scope from a young age. Right after graduating from the esteemed Penn State University, he resided for a couple of years in North Carolina before moving to Florida, where he currently lives. His accolades comprise a broad array of writing from songwriting, Psychology Textbooks, articles on fitness and health, screenplays, and essays on Metaphysics.

Now that we know a bit about the author, it’s time to dive into the excellent book series that he has written.

The Unexpected Journey

As we’ve mentioned, The Branchview Series starts with a book titled “The Unexpected Journey,” and it couldn’t have been a more apt beginning. The book introduces us to Steven Spencer, a paranormal novelist who was summoned to the Branchview Estate after he received an enigmatic message he found on his computer screen. After arriving at the place, he is met with several concealed secrets, which force him to bring his beautiful wife, Loraine Spencer, to the estate.

Not long after the Spencers show up, they’re dragged into the estate family’s centuries-old conflict with a Satanic cult that goes by the name “Secret Society” and witchcraft. Things start to escalate too quickly, and pandemonium invades the estate when two witches are brought back to life to steal the Branch family’s fortune and eradicate them. Steven eventually finds out that he is the illegitimate offspring of Penelope Locke Branch, the Branch family’s matriarch.

That’s the furthest we can introduce the story without spoiling it, and it’s already pretty intense. But hold on to your seats because the sequel gets even crazier.

The Epic Showdown

Continuing the story of Steven and Loraine in the sequel “The Epic Showdown,” the couple seems to still be at it with their ceaseless battle against the evil deeds of the Secret Society and witchcraft in general. They also have to handle the troublesome task of discovering the dark secrets and figuring out the plethora of mysteries surrounding the Great House, which appears to pop out of nowhere constantly, seemingly without warning.

Meanwhile, their immortal comrades Amphitrite, Zeus, and Poseidon uncover the Secret Society’s grand scheme of destroying the U.S.A. so that they can establish what they call a One World Global Empire. Hades, the rogue god, then decides to help the Secret Society carry out their plan, which ends with the two forces — good and evil — having a battle of epic proportions at Lighthouse Point.

But things continue because there is still a third book, and a massive hurricane is brewing on the seas offshore.

The Portal of Time

Brian Jay Nelson turned it up in this third installment of The Branchview Series titled “The Portal of Time.” Steven accidentally passes through a time portal inside the couple’s mansion in New England, and they devise a plan to stop evil. Loraine acquires the aid of colleagues, family members, and gods, while Steven (who is in the year 1697) calls upon the help of their godly friends, albeit he has to prove that he is indeed from the future. But can they close the portal for good even with all these?

The book contains exciting subplots, including a frame-up, pirates, and a vengeful ghost. The time-travel plot is also refreshingly simple, with the author set it up so that readers only have to focus on a single timeline. It’s a great end to the series while offering the possibility of having a fourth installment.

Brian Jay Nelson’s Branchview Series is a must-read for fantasy, supernatural, romance, and action fans. Every minute spent reading the pages of these three books will feel well-spent, and it’ll have you laughing and intrigued until the very end. You can visit the author’s website to learn more about this series.