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The future of volunteering has always been reliant on several important factors that link it to a core human value that we often don’t practice: altruism.

Author Jamie Pulos-Fry has what’s called “Jamie’s Bookshelf About Encouraging Others,” where her book, Servants Heart From the Voice of a Volunteer, can be found, along with other books that aim to inspire people. Other works from Jamie include A Widows Cry and Encouraging A Friend With Our Trials. Readers are in for a feel-good, honest, and wholesome read with her books.

But what exactly does the future of volunteering look like, and what are some changes we can expect? We’ll look into these questions today, so join us to discuss them with you.

Potential Trends the Future of Volunteering Will Focus On

One of the things that volunteering sort of lacks is how it chooses to engage with volunteers and potential volunteers. There are many non-profit organizations that are reluctant to innovate and, as the masses would call it, “get with the times.” Change can be frightening, yes, but it’s necessary for the growth of anything.

With that in mind, some of the potential trends that the sector would possibly focus on are:

  • increasing its focus on impact
  • making volunteering itself more inclusive and diverse
  • addressing systemic inequalities
  • creating measurable and tangible improvements within communities

It’s also best to enhance partnerships and collaborations with various local communities, government agencies, businesses, and other non-profits. The goal is to generate a collective volunteering endeavor that tackles intricate social challenges. Adaptability and flexibility will most likely become more ubiquitous in volunteering, especially with remote/virtual volunteering that fits a volunteer’s availability, preferences, and skills.

Similar to Jamie’s Bookshelf, Volunteering Will Also Technologically Innovate

The “Jamie’s Bookshelf About Encouraging Others” website started as plain as any new and inexperienced website. But with the help of experts in the field of digital marketing and web designing, Jamie was able to make the site look better than before. If we take this example to the volunteering sector, then we can deduce that many will also “upgrade” their organizations.

Technology and innovation will continuously grow and play a valuable role in volunteering. It’ll help enable forms of impact measurement, engagement, and coordination. You can utilize technology-driven innovations if you want to future-proof your volunteer programs.

Some examples of technology-driven innovations are social media, impact measurement, data analytics, and other online platforms. All of these can positively impact the volunteer non-profit organization and the program they have in store. They also help improve collaboration, connect, and truly make a difference.

Becoming Globally Focused and Making a Change in the World

Volunteering can become more globally focused. Imagine volunteers addressing global issues and engaging in some cross-border initiatives. Due to how easily we can connect and message each other today (thanks to the advent of the Internet), international volunteering opportunities are now more accessible. This allows everyone in the world to contribute to global causes and help out in any way.

For example, community-driven solutions and grassroots movements are some volunteer programs that everybody can participate in. Volunteers can also take on leadership roles and be the ones to make positive changes in their communities.

Learn More About Volunteering and Other Encouraging Books

The future of volunteering is dynamic and complex, but it is promising. It may also vary across various contexts, regions, and cultures. Now, remember that what we’ve mentioned here are merely potential insights.

No one can predict the future, and the truth behind volunteering’s fate will depend on multiple factors. If you wish to know more about someone’s personal experience with volunteering, we suggest visiting “Jamie’s Bookshelf About Encouraging Others” and buying a copy of the books there.

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