Pets can bring immediate joy to the lives of their owners. Cats are a popular choice for pets. According to Statista, around 96.5 million cats live in households in the United States alone. Cats are domestic species that anyone can keep in their homes to be part of their families. Unlike pet dogs, cats are low maintenance. These furry felines do not need to be trained or walked. They are independent felines that anyone will be confident to leave them alone for a couple of hours. They, however, still need care including feeding and grooming. These furry felines also have many favorable traits that anyone would love such as their cleanliness and adorable antics. When you give love to a pet cat, they will give back a greater love than what was given to them. These furry felines can have an impact on their fur parents. 

Human Companionship 

Just like any type of pet, cats provide good companionship. Cats have had a bad image for so long due to how grumpy and angry cats are portrayed most of the time. But in fact, cats are quite affectionate. Nowadays, many people are living on their own which can sometimes cause loneliness. Pet cats provide companionship that can ease loneliness. Cats can help their owners feel wanted and needed. They are the pets you can go to after a stressful day at work. Everyone enjoys a little peace, quiet, and tranquility. There is nothing better than that after a busy and stressful day. Cats are the perfect pets for this considering that they are less vocal compared to their canine counterparts. These furry felines enjoy a lot of relaxing and nap time. This type of animal is a loyal, friendly but sometimes grumpy, and welcoming companion that will come and greet their loving owners at the end of the day.

Human Health and Well-Being

Pet cats can be a source of comfort and support for their owners. Although cats are aloof and grumpy, they can actually save the lives of people and even add years to your life. Not many people know that owning a pet cat can have a great impact on a person. These furry felines can greatly impact human well-being and health, physically and mentally. There are many health benefits a pet cat can bring to its fur parents. Meaning owning a pet cat can give its fur parents a healthier heart. Petting a cat provides a calming effect. There have been studies that say stroking and cuddling with pet cats reduces the anxiety, depression, and stress levels of its owners. Humans may experience pain from losing something or someone from time to time. Owning a pet cat can help a person cope with all the pain. They help people get over these pain quickly through the interaction and bond these felines will provide. 

Inevitable Change

Owning a pet cat can bring inevitable change to their fur parents’ lives and perspectives. Some would think that owning a pet would not bring any changes in your life. If truth be told, pets can impact their owners’ way of living. Lynda Hamblen, a mother of three furry felines, authored her first book, William and Tibby Forever, that shows how pet cats can teach many lessons and change their parents’ lives. Pet cats are great furry teachers. These furry felines can teach many things to their fur parents including responsibility and care. These fur parents will learn how to love unconditionally and forever love. They will teach many lessons from living the moment, to love openly, and so much more. Cats do not only bring change to their owners but also to children. Pet cats can help young kids social skills and different emotional development.