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Speak, Lord. Your Servant Is Listening – 1 Samuel 3:10. Let’s rediscover the joy of a servant’s heart in this article.

How does one define a servant’s heart? A servant’s heart means having a mindset or a desire to sacrificially and selflessly serve others, regardless of what it may cost you or your feelings towards them. This means you must put aside any bitterness or resentment and live to help anyone whose path you may cross without hesitation.  There lies the joy of a servant’s heart.

Some days (or many days), practicing a servant’s heart may seem like a tall order. Nevertheless, humans are called to this kind of love and compassion daily. Like the story of Samuel, humanity must be attentive to the Voice of the Lord and prepared to obey the words He speaks to them. 

Being a servant of God will not always be easy. Sometimes God calls you to what appears to be the most challenging thing in your life. However, you must persevere. Your kindness, compassion, and sacrifice will flower beautifully. When people act in love, they work in the name of God. Thus, they should always strive to live as His servants, to give themselves entirely to His will.  

Further, you can find a great example of the joy of a servant’s heart means in Jamie Pulos-Fry’s book Servants Heart from the Voice of a Volunteer.

Jamie Pulos-Fry and her Servants Heart From The Voice Of A Volunteer

Fry underscores the importance of volunteers in the various communities that they serve. In her interview with ReadersMagnet for her book exhibit at the 2022 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition, she mentioned that volunteers are vital since they do a lot and are truly needed. 

In her spirituality and religion book, Jamie discloses the reasons and benefits of volunteering and the qualities a would-be volunteer must have.

According to Jamie, her book is about being the excellent volunteer that God would like you to be. That being a servant, helping others, being faithful, willing to learn something new, working with older and younger individuals, never being afraid to ask questions, knowing when to say NO, and showing no favoritism. 

Why write a biblically-inspired guide on volunteering when leading a would-be volunteer to a community center and orienting them would suffice? In the foreword of her book, Fry said: “This book came to fruition since I had noticed that where I volunteer, we had some issues that need to be addressed. I had not read or seen a book about volunteering in the Christian environment or anywhere.”

“I started researching it, and this book is the result of that research from a faithful volunteer.”

In the interview, she added: “I wanted to influence other people to see that volunteers are important and they’re needed out there.”

Jamie acknowledged that most volunteers tend to do many things at once, drawing from her experiences volunteering at her church and college. “We always do more than one thing and need more volunteers.”

“Servants Heart: From the voice of a volunteer” will make servant leaders out of their readers. Jamie Pulos-Fry’s insights will enable her audience to open their servant’s hearts, awaken their spirit for service, and journey to the nature of volunteering.

“Servants Heart: From the voice of a volunteer” was last exhibited by the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

Author’s Profile

Jamie Pulos-Fry is a member (and faithful at that) of Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California. She likes to volunteer and serve in various areas of the church. She works in the bookstore and coffee shop for West Coast Baptist College and sings in the choir at the church. Plus, she was a captain of a ladies’ bus for five years.

This is her second book. The first is “Encouraging A Friend With Our Trials,” and the third is A Widow’s Cry,” a helpful tool for widow ministries. She hopes that “Servants Heart” will be a great help in future volunteering choices in your life.