People are highly interested in the world’s endless possibilities – from technological advancements to any unexplainable phenomena. When it comes to outer space matters, they often wonder how it is living on the other planets or even the moon and whether there is a possibility of it truly happening. Perhaps, the vast darkness and what their eyes can’t see don’t scare them as much now. Instead, it brings endless questions and wonders.

In line with this, both fictional and non-fictional books tackling space, other planets, and the moon give people a little idea or perspective of how it would indeed be like living outside earth. And on every page that discusses life, people’s interests only grow further.

Below are book recommendations that will satisfy your craving for any space fiction, but unlike any other, these science-fiction thrillers will give you a different view of space life. These books will give you another sense of claustrophobia as the incidents and deaths happening on the moon only means a limited source of immediate help. These books will give you a sense of dread, knowing that the killers can strike again unless their identities are discovered. 

The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield’s debut thriller focuses on a final, top mission on the moon, wherein three astronauts are confined away from their homes. NASA labels its Apollo 18 mission as scientific, but one flight controller, Kaz Zemeckis, realizes its darker objective. A secret Soviet space station has been discovered spying on America, and the Apollo 18 is their only pawn in stopping it. Just as their crew works hard to protect themselves and their countrymen, an accident reveals that within them stands a betrayer. With politics and the lives of their citizens at stake, leaders can only stand to watch as their astronauts attack each other somewhere beyond their laws and rescue can reach. 

Moon Luck by Scott Harral

In this thriller penned by Scott Harral, readers are shown a perspective of how humanity is presumed to thrive if life on the moon were to happen. Intertwining science-fiction with crime, Moon Luck by Harral details the lives of 30 astronauts living on the moon to develop, explore, and discover more information about it. For a while, their stay had been peaceful as they routinely did their exploration and experimentations for some time. But when one of the base’s senior astronauts dies a seemingly unnatural death, their peace gets knocked down as the chase for the actual perpetrator starts. Will they find the murderer before they strike again? Moon Luck is a fast-paced, immersive experience that will leave everyone breathless from the haunt.

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Project Hail is a story about one astronaut, Ryland Grace, single-handedly undertaking the most incredible mission of saving the earth from disaster. As the sole survivor and the only one left in space, Ryan is thrust into a one-shot assignment, wherein failure may result in the extinction of humanity. However, he doesn’t know that and even takes a while to realize his mission. How will he proceed with this assignment when he can’t remember his name? Ryland starts to piece his memory together, starting by realizing that he’s just been awakened millions of miles away from home with all his crewmates dead. Before him lies the impossible tasks needing to be confronted. Alone and puzzled from his deep sleep, will he be able to conquer the mission and save humanity?

Autopsy: A Scarpetta Novel by Patricia Cornwell

This book continues with forensic pathologist Dr. Kay Scarpetta, who had just returned to Virginia, where she started her career as a chief medical examiner. With her husband, who’s now a forensic psychologist with the U.S Secret Service, Dr. Kay relocated to Old Town Alexandria. Set in a post-pandemic world torn by political unrest, Scarpetta finds her new headquarter five miles from the Pentagon. Weeks in the job, she receives a call asking her to report to a crime scene by the railroad tracks where a woman’s body has been dismantled – throat cut down to the spine.  At the same time as this, something catastrophic has likewise happened in a secret laboratory in outer space and endangered two scientists on board. Since she’s then appointed to a highly classified Doomsday Commission, specializing in cases concerning sensitive national security cases, Scarpetta is tasked by the White House to find out what had transpired.