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The next time fear pops up, get up, find your courage, start moving and go. Remember, you were born to be great, so live your life even greater!

For one moment, imagine right now what you would be able to attain if you just grabbed the bull’s ball. Knowing that whatever you put your mind, heart, and soul into, it will be accomplished. Of course, this comes with challenges and struggles. Can you remember a goal that you set for yourself or something you wanted to achieve desperately and followed up by the thought of “I cannot do this,” “What if I fail,” “I’m not good enough,” or “I fear that I will not make it?”

Firstly, it is a natural human reaction to have those thoughts occur when you set big goals for yourself, plans that will make you grow as an individual and stretch your current way of thinking. Secondly, know that those feelings of fear are natural and happen to everyone who has done something remarkable or achieved greatness. However, what must not happen, no matter how rough it may be, is not to let those same feelings prevent you from taking massive action and constantly moving forward.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the need to control fear itself. This is because being driven by fear prevents you from growing and progressing in life. When you let your feelings, thoughts, and decisions be driven by fear, you are reduced to a slave of fear.

The Other Side Of Fear

This is a story of moving from crippling fear, abuse, and low self-esteem to knowing the ultimate love of God. Author W. Veronica Lisare has discovered courage, hope, joy, fulfillment, and freedom as she embraces her true identity as a child of God. Veronica shares the intimate details of her journals. It tells about her unhappy childhood, a loveless marriage, a divorce, a battle with cancer, and the loss of a granddaughter to an impressive second career as a minister of the truth of the gospel of Christ Jesus and a personal nursing job.  

The author’s spiritual tools and testimony learned along the journey will inspire all her readers to move through their struggles to God’s perfect love and the other side of fear. Also, it will always be there if you run away instead of dealing with it. It will haunt you in all the things you do. Running away only provides you with an illusion of security. You may feel safe for a short period, but it is only for that period. When that occurs, you either cower in its presence eternally or must learn to deal with it and become a fragment of the person you are likely to be.  

Since you must deal with fear one way or another, you might as well learn to fight fear now rather than avoid it, again and again, only to deal with it eventually. It does not make sense otherwise — not only are you draining yourself emotionally, you waste energy and time avoiding the fear. Time is your life’s most precious pose—do not waste it.

Hence, this book is the epitome of strengthening hope and faith in The Other Side Of Fear. 

About The Author

W. Veronica Lisare is a retired nurse, mother, grandmother, and a past missionary who spreads the Word of God whenever possible. She completed a 2-year course at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, and continues to share what she learned there. She leads many to discover their freedom through the Sozo ministry. Presently, Veronica lives in Kelowna, B.C., where she volunteers at the Pregnancy Care Centre, teaches about prayer, and sits on the Board of Directors of her church.

Her first book is the Other Side of Fear: My Journey into Perfect Love. She conveys that her motivation for writing was so that others will be encouraged to trust God; know that their past does not have to dictate the outcome of their future. They can live entirely and be victorious of confidence and faith. Veronica’s passion is to pass on the spiritual truths she has learned so that others can walk into their divine destinies and be overcomers.