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The value of being a disciple is something that we should take a proper look into to get closer to God.

Mary Venable Vaughn, author of Stepping Into Discipleship: Our Journey, aims to share her knowledge and experience about discipleship. Member’s Class 102 by Mary Venable Vaughn is also one of Mary’s books about the beauty of being a part of a church community. Being in a community dedicated to the Lord is a huge part of discipleship.

We will examine why discipleship is necessary based on what the Bible says. Join us as we look into these reasons and talk a bit more about them.

Reason #1: For Disciples to Learn Sound Doctrine

It takes discipleship to learn sound doctrines and theology. New converts should pay special attention to this, but it’s equally crucial for seasoned Christians to keep learning. New Christians are always joyful about their newly discovered freedom and faith in Jesus Christ. However, they may not fully comprehend who He is and what He has accomplished for them.

Individuals must be taught sound doctrine to draw people to Christ and educate them as they walk with God.

Reason #2: Enduring Until Jesus Returns or Calls Us Home

To persevere to the end, when Christ calls us home, or He returns, discipleship is required. Your desire to become more like Jesus and be with Him should grow as you learn the Bible. Additionally, it ought to cause you to lift your eyes toward God rather than toward fleeting earthly things.

Reason #3: Get to Know Jesus Christ Better

Understanding who Jesus is and how you might become like Him is the primary goal of discipleship. Jesus is the only one who can teach you how to become a disciple, receive discipleship, and teach others.

Jesus is faultless. He was God and a man when He walked the earth and lived among us. He freely gave His life to make you aware of His love for us. His character demonstrates that He is lowly, submissive, and ready to give His life in the service of the people He loves.

How does this apply to becoming a disciple? Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus set an example for discipleship. Christ had between 4 and 120 disciples at various times throughout the Bible. These disciples listened intently to His teachings and followed Him everywhere.

The value of being a disciple is that we get to know Jesus Christ better. And this can only happen if you’re a church community member, like the one in Member’s Class 102 by Mary Venable Vaughn. You get to enjoy the benefits of discipleship, too.

Reason #4: Discipleship Raises Leaders in Truth

Young leaders must be raised in the truth of God’s Word through discipleship to inspire future generations to follow God. Without discipleship, youth would stray from the faith and follow secular norms. They must be rooted in prayer, the Word, and their identity in Christ.

Young people require a secure setting where they can confide in their mentors, parents, and pastors about their difficulties. Additionally, it’s crucial to listen to them, encourage them, pray with them, and disciple them using the Bible and models of Christ-like living.

The next generation will not be powerful leaders of the truth without the discipleship of someone who is steadfast in their faith and confidence in Jesus Christ.

Appreciate the Value of Being a Disciple by Becoming One

Now that you know the importance and necessity of discipleship, it might be time for you to become one. You can get Member’s Class 102 by Mary Venable Vaughn or Stepping Into Discipleship: Our Journey by Mary to help you embark on the path.

Grab a copy of the book today by visiting her website, and don’t forget to check out our other blogs to discover God’s grace!