Some people dream of success by acing their dream jobs, while others tailor their career and goals to be successful. Regardless of how one defines success, it is challenging to taste the sweet nectar of greatness, even if one was delivered with a silver platter.

How can someone beat the odds of self-doubt and unlock their true potential? Former Calvin Klein CEO par excellence has much to share in his autobiography “A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career That Suits You Best.” The book is a self-help book that offers advice on how someone can impeccably tailor their life and career like a Calvin Klein suit – elegant, precise, and iconic.

Designing the Life You Dream

Like any of the best suits in the market, an excellent tailor-fit life has to be designed and measured accordingly. The good news is that anyone can create their own life. While the idea may sound too overwhelming to comprehend, it is not impossible when one takes cues from Tom Murry’s life.

For seventeen years, Tom Murry oversaw Calvin Klein as CEO, leading the brand through tremendous expansion and success. In his debut book, Murry gives personal advice on how he rose to the top of the career he was supposed to have and how his readers can accomplish the same feat. The book details his decades of experience as a leader in the fashion industry.

One might think that Murry’s success story is smooth-sailing, but like most, his story has humble beginnings. Young Murry always maintained two jobs while studying in high school and college. However, he was always aware of the entrepreneurial spirit within him.

In college, he decided to start his own advertising company. Murry headed towards Bates Brothers in Stillwater, Oklahoma, a clothing store, and offered to prepare an advertising package for them. Eventually, he found himself running ads for Bates Brothers. It was then that Murry could grasp the right career path for him.

Weaving Passion and Infinite Possibilities

Tom Murry’s love for clothes and being in the business allowed him to think of endless ways for sales and marketing. He spent most of his career working for iconic fashion brands such as Tahari and Evan Piccone. The founders of the renowned design firm Calvin Klein and Barry K. Schwartz personally chose Tom Murry to lead their organization. Both men settled on him in search of a leader who could guide their business into the new millennium.

He brought a wealth of knowledge and leadership to Calvin Klein, which under his 17-year leadership, global retail sales increased from $2.8 billion in 2003 to almost $8 billion in 2013. When Murry’s beloved wife Lynda encouraged him to write a book, he fell in love with the idea and sat down with Mary Curran-Hackett of Kevin Anderson Associates. He found the writing process challenging but enjoyable. Murry hopes his takeaways will help his readers build a career they can be proud of the same way he has.

Fitting the Fabrics of Success

Whether it is about life, leadership, or career, Tom Murry believes everything he does must be legendary and tasteful. When it comes to brand-building, he approaches work with zero nonsense. Everything has to be carefully considered, and it has to make people feel great.

Murry doesn’t believe in mistakes. He views most experiences, including the bad ones, as great teachers. The biggest lesson he learned is that when someone does something they love, time passes, ideas flow freely, and the work seems almost effortless. It’s the moment a person has found an excellent fit for him. Tom Murry reminds everyone that to be successful, one needs to be able to convince people. He emphasized the power of listening and being able to do what a good salesperson does.

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job, afraid to transition into something bolder, you’re just one key away from success with Tom Murry’s book. Packed with illuminating lessons from a man who never settles for second best, “A Great Fit” is a road map for movers seeking a higher purpose in their life and career. Discover the steps to achieving fulfillment and living a c-suite life.

Read “A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career That Suits You Best” by Tom Murry. Copies of the book are now available on Amazon.