The Shadow of The Staff: Tomorrow Is Just A Day Away is the most-awaited sequel to the first book, The Shadow of The Staff: A Wizard’s Revenge.



High-fantasy author M.A. Haddad is back with another exciting adventure, The Shadow of the Staff: Tomorrow Is Just A Day Away. It is the second installment to The Shadow of the Staff fantasy adventure series. It was released in September 2021, barely a year after A Wizard’s Revenge release.



Tomorrow is Just A Day Away picks up where the first book ended. It begins with Burton returning home in ruins and ashes. The invading hoard had laid waste to Burton’s childhood home because of his role in saving the lives of the Elves and Dwarves. He begins to rebuild his home and spends time with his Myopian friends. Burton hopes to live in peace and spend his days tending new gardens, growing old planets, planting new trees. Being Myopian, Burton also tends to new Pagonias, Raopias, Pineapple flowers, Corn Whiskers, and Hasonas Plants, to name a few. Despite the relative tranquility in the safety of his community and the warm company of his trusted friends, Burton kept having dreams. At first, he dreamt of things that reminded him of the past. One night, however, he stopped dreaming, and for many months, he slept in peace.



However, Burton’s quiet existence and hopes of living a life without dealing with Orcs, Trolls, or Death ended when he woke up and saw Maloneous standing in front of him one night. Although he knew that his old enemy was far away, Burton realized that at last Maloneous had found him, and once again, his life and that of his closest friends are now in danger.



The Shadow of the Staff: Tomorrow is Just A Day Away is just as epic as A Wizard’s Revenge but with a more exciting storyline as Burton continues his adventure, meeting old and new friends along the way. As the story progresses, new alliances are made, and many characters will make personal sacrifices. M.A. Haddad’s second installment of the series is divided into twenty-six (26) chapters, and each one adds more intrigue and thrill to this fantasy adventure of a different kind.



Readers can expect more battle scenes and encounters as the world of Hatu continues to suffer the ravages of war and power struggle between the forces of light and evil. The Shadow of the Staff: Tomorrow is Just A Day Away is a series of build-ups that culminates with gathering forces and preparation for a great war. For those who have read the sequel, Just A Day Away will prove to be a reunion of sorts, and the characters we all love in the first book have grown immensely. New characters will also play crucial roles as the plot thickens. Still, Burton is the center in all this, and his journey is something that fans will both embrace and be curious about.



The Shadow of the Staff: Tomorrow Is Just A Day Away’s last three chapters are crucial as they lay the foundations for the next part of this epic saga. Book Two highlights many of the characters’ weaknesses, fears, and confusion. But in volume, we get a glimpse of their resolve, courage, and sacrifices. Overall, the sequel is a must-read for fans of M.A. Haddad’s high fantasy series as the book reveals many secrets and offers a glimpse of the future plot.