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“My intent is to create a safe and sacred environment, honoring boundaries, free will, trust and also self-responsibility.” – Alma C. Lightbody.

People are all navigating challenges set forth on their path due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether those issues are health-related, economically related, interpersonally related, or otherwise, it is clear that COVID-19 has touched everyone in many ways possible. And while it would be absurd during this precarious time to apply and try the adage that everything happens for a reason, you can apply shamanic healing practices to use this time of agony as an opportunity for growth.

Alma’s Treatment

Re-create your life journey with Alma’s Treatments as she offers her treatment session in 90 minutes. She works with fully clothed clients on her therapy table using a combination of hands-off and light touch. Alma’s work includes many modalities and dimensions, including Shamanic Practices. A new and exciting addition to her treatment sessions is an energy mat created by Swiss Bionics and certified by Health Canada. The frequencies used are the same that come from the earth and are the exact frequencies people need for maintaining and regaining their health.

Alma intends to create a safe and sacred environment, honoring boundaries, free will, trust, and also self-responsibility. If the client is unwilling to participate and “be available for help,” it limits the process.

Alma Lightbody’s Sample Possibilities

Lightbody, being a healer, therapist, and a medicine woman, notes that humanity has shifted so far out of alignment; in terms of their structures and systems and how they treat each other and the planet—that they needed a jolt of sorts to wake them up and restore harmony. Some healers refer to this as “the blackout.” This means people cannot continue operating the same way they have been. People are at a point in their existence where the spirit is asking them to pay attention. Attention is not from a place of punishment and trying to hurt them but from a position to give them space to re-identify their reason for being. Then, to look at all the resources, they have been given and how others treated them.

And while the pandemic may eventually lead to a new, more harmonized normal, that potential reality is very much future tense and uncertain. To help you see the light now that may emerge later and to get through the time in the interim, below are some of Alma’s sample possibilities when one tries her treatments:

  • energy balancing
  • spiritual growth
  • self-esteem
  • stress reduction
  • relationship issues
  • grief counseling
  • accident rehabilitation
  • trauma release
  • illness/surgery recovery
  • chemo & radiation clearing

Who Is Alma C. Lightbody?

Lightbody is introspective but also a very busy Gemini of the Astrological Zodiac and a Chinese Horoscope Rooster.

She loved school and learning and has continued on an educational path with various degrees in medicine and business. She also has books full of management, sales, and spiritual certificates – always searching for answers – to something new.

She traveled around the world in her youth and has also traveled a lot in business. Most of her travel has been on a spiritual quest in the last half of her life.

Alma has had numerous relationships, often unsatisfactory but now very fulfilling. She learned what she was looking for in others was what she needed to know about herself.

Her birth name, LIGHTBODY, in, is described as a cheerful person or a busy, active one. In the Spiritual world, LIGHTBODY is the Luminous body – the Auric field that fills and holds humanity. In Spanish, her first name, ALMA, means Soul.

Years ago, a psychic told her that she would not be clear about her life purpose till she was 50 years old. That made no sense to her at the time, but she did file it somewhere in her mental archives, and it simmered there for several years – and so it is! The life she had been living was setting the groundwork for what she was to become.

And now, Alma is a healer, a medicine woman, a consultant, a therapist, and an author. Her purpose is to heal others and, more importantly, to help others heal themselves.