ReadersMagnet currently receives recognition as one of the finalists of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics 2022. In its BBB profile, the company has now about 105 reviews that result in a 4.77 customer rating out of the perfect 5 scores.

The Better Business Bureau makes it clear that customer reviews don’t affect the rating system. They have various measures in giving a score, such as the A+ rating of ReadersMagnet. Obviously, the 4.77 customer reviews rating is high enough for RM despite the unfavorable comments coming from some authors who don’t even experience our services.

Reach a Wider Audience

Referring to ReadersMagnet, Michael W commented, “The administrators of the site are courteous and respectful. They give authors a chance to reach a wider audience and follow through with everything they say they will.” This pertains to the Authors’ Lounge where RM allows indie authors to post an article about their books for FREE.

Pamela R added, “ReadersMagnet is an excellent opportunity and platform for authors to introduce themselves to the world stage. @authorslounge is certainly appreciated. I can use this outlet to promote my entire library.”

“The website,” Electra N remarked, “is nice and its free promotion of books very generous. The submission process is also quite easy to get through. Overall, good service for indie authors.”

Service, Care, Encouragement

After going to several self-publishing companies with his novels, author Rick Vasquez stated in his 2021 review there is no comparison to the service, care, and encouragement he received from ReadersMagnet.
Author Carolyn Nooks Teague noted, “I was happily surprised by the professional, responsive and excellent quality of service provided by ReadersMagnet. I truly felt as though someone was right by my side working with me at all times.” She went on to say, “Their marketing skills exceeded my expectations as did their customer service. I highly recommend this company.”

Scamming Reviews

Despite the overwhelming praise, ReadersMagnet has also received negative feedback, which is normal in the publishing and marketing industry. One has commented that RM is harassing and scamming people with emails. The person continued by saying that our experienced publishing consultants have a “calling poor practice and lack of respect.” One of our representatives responded by assuring the customer that his phone will not be contacted again.

Another frustrated author is also asking BBB to stop ReadersMagnet from texting her because she’s “not interested in their service, and I don’t want to speak to them.” RM assured the client that the issue will be attended immediately if it does exist.

ReadersMagnet has ready ears for feedback, whether positive or negative. Suggestions coming from authors help us learn and grow. We have reached the success we have today because of our dedicated publishing experts and highly engaging authors.

If you have further concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-800-805-0762 or [email protected]. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.